CATT SC - Lake Hartwell Division

Lake Hartwell


Qualifier #1Sept 19Green Pond
Qualifier #2Sept 25Waldrops
Qualifier #3Oct 16Broyles
Qualifier #4Oct 30Broyles
FinalDec 4Broyles
**NO NEW SUBS AT FINAL & NO PAIRING UP AT FINAL WITH ANOTHER MEMBER** Must fish Final with your partner or a sub your team used at a Qualifier. Enter 1 Hartwell Qualifier and you're eligible to enter the Hartwell Final! Safe Daylight – 3 pm - $35 per Person Membership - Qualifier Entry $60 at Ramp or on line - $120 Final Entry or $130 at Ramp Optional $25 side pot at each event! Point Winners Fish Final Free! Plaques awarded to Final and Point Winners!

The 2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational Classic will take place on Lake Hartwell Nov 5-6, 2021 and we are guaranteeing $10,000.00 to 1st Place!
More info on this Division page - Keep scrolling! Or go to Divisions and tap on 2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational Classic

Hartwell & Keowee Tams Who Have Fish 2 CATTs
FALL OF 2020
Cameron Holley - David Holley
Gill Senn - Carl Whitfield
Cameron Fleming
Shawn Gray - Keith Gray
Vince Blanton - Wesley Sandifer
Billy Ballard - David McGinnins
Austin Johnson - Kenny Mathis
Tony Richardson - Phillip Richardson
jimmy Blackwell - Caleb White
Scott Allgood
Justin Raines - Hunter Kell
Cain Waller - Taylor Givens
Travis & Daniel Fisherman
Greg Jeter
Kevin Dye - Greg Arnold
Brian Bowers - Justin Dubose
Larry Masters
Derrick Lehtonen - Cody Lehtonen
Jimmy Black - Larry Masters
Rodney Chastain - Robby Hipps
Jon Anders - Michael Anders
Randy Cantrell - David Holly
John BloomField
John Carter & Justin Tingen
Jim Sanders - Guy Neely
John Carter
Rick Freeze - Seth Thompson
Tyler Thompson - Allan Holcimbe
Wesley Sandifer - Vinson Blanton
Derek Lehtonen - Jon Carter
Charles Murphy - Cody Ray
Tyler Thompson - Allen Holcombe
Roger Gosnell - Chad Powell
Shannon Poore - Jeremy Stewart
Cliff Ferrell - Keller Campbell
Brock Taylor - Eric Martin
Ryan & Bryan Lesley
Jayme Rampey - Adam Smith
Brian King - John Bloomfield
Ricky Case - Conny Case
Steven James - Kurt Brooks
Tony Gravely - Matt Durham
Joe Anders - Greg Glouse
Chuck Harrison - Ryan Stroup
Bo Hill
Matt Richardson
Tony Gravely - Matt Durham

Lake Hartwell


Vinson Blanton

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EMAIL: [email protected]


The 2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational will take place on Lake Hartwell Nov 5-6, 2021 and we are guaranteeing $10,000.00 to 1st Place!

Green Pond Landing & Event Center – 470 Green Pond Rd, Anderson, SC 29625

Either SC & GA License are valid. You do not need both.

Kerr Championship The Past 3 Years  **2018 & 2019 1st Place Winners Have Taken Home $25,000.00! 2020 Winners took home $24,000.00!

A team or solo angler must fish 2 CATT events to Qualify! You may fish the Invitational solo or with your partner or alternate partner your team used in any CATT event.
You can get in your 2 events by fishing any CATT Fall 2020 ,CATT Spring 2021 CATT Fall 2021! 

How To Qualify

Must enter 2 CATT Events (Qualifiers & Finals) to be eligible! Enter 1 or more CATT event as a team – Entering solo or with a Sub also counts toward your teams Championship Qualification! The 2 events do not have to be in the same CATT Trail! If you enter 2 – 2021 CBC Qualifiers you are eligible to enter!  **Some select clubs and trail receive invitations!

Entry Fees

$200 Per Team Entry – $210 At Ramp

Optional Platinum BONUS $100 – Paying Up to 3 Places 

Optional Gold BONUS $50 – Paying Up to 3 Places   

Optional Silver BONUS $25 – Paying Up to 2 Places

2021 CATT Championship Lake Hartwell Nov 5-6, 2021 info! When you arrive at the ramp Saturday check in at the weigh in trailer and get your weigh in card. Your weigh in time is on the card with the basic rules you need to know. Safe light is when we start blast off! If you have pre paid check the CATT Invitational under “Divisions” on the CATT site and you will know your number before you arrive but you still need to check in at weigh in trailer!




PlaceTeam2021-09-19 00:00:002021-09-25 00:00:002021-10-16 00:00:002021-10-30 00:00:00Total
1Eric Jeter- Darren Jeter99109101102411
2David White - Derrick Bridges87089106282
3Tyler Campbell - Joe Mitchell11000109219
4Colin Smith01100108218
5Patrick Murray - Lane Clark10110600207
6Barrett Keel - Brody Manley10301040207
7Jerry Hart/ Roy Stewart0010997206
8Russel Gardner/Stephen McCoy0099107206
9Grayson Brewster - Blake Campbell10301020205
10Tyler Thompson - Brandon Addis9710700204
11Lane - Scott Gerbers0105096201
12Chris Rutley/Lee Montgomery0010594199
13Seth Thompson/ Rick Freeze0010099199
14Tim Watson - Travis Garrett1070890196
15Bobby Smith - Orion Hunt0104890193
16Caleb Algood/Zach Algood0011082192
17Brian King8701030190
18Derrick Lehotonen/Marshal Robinson0010782189
19Drew Montgomery /Andy Brode0089100189
20Vince Blanton/Wesley Sandifer0010682188
21Scott Reeves - Chris Brown1050082187
22Logan Watkins- Tracy Watkins970890186
23Darin Johnson/Mike Jackson008993182
24Robbie Hoover/Tyler Hoover008982171
25Matt Henry - Justin Campbell000110110
26Bill Fordree - Roger Coggins109000109
27Guy Nealy - Jim Sanders108000108
28Shane M - Cameron M010800108
29Roger Coggins/ Bobby Williams001080108
30Mark Waller106000106
31Bo Hill - George Gilbert000105105
32John Bloomfield000104104
33Joe Anders - Greg Clouse000103103
34Baylor Ronemus - Andy Ronemus102000102
35Jimmy Case - Isaac Case000101101
36Justin Kimmel100000100
37Jon Phillips - Jody Hughes9800098
38Orion Hunt - Bobby Smith0009898
39Billy Rochester - Mike Easter0009595
41Donnie Davis - Jacob Wilson0940094
42Joel Phillips - Thomas Phillips0009292
43Gil Senn8700087
44Shawn Gray8700087
45Charles Murphy - Kota Ray0008282