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Basscraft Jigs feature Mustad Ultra Point hooks and are HAND-TIED. No rotten rubber collars or skirt slippage during hook sets! A hand-tied skirt is a must for skipping jigs. Available in 3/8 oz or in 1/2 oz sizes.

The 3/8oz jig has a 4/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook while the  1/2 oz has a 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook.  Color-matched heads in black, brown and green pumpkin. Weed guards and skirts are full-length. You can trim them to suit your fishing style.

Available Colors

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3/8 oz, 1/2 oz


Black Blue & Purple, Black & Blue, Black, Green Pumpkin, Crawdad, Crawdad Orange, Shell Cracker, Bluegill, Craw Lite Chartreuse, Big O Craw, Southern Craw, Plum Belly Craw

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