Lake Hartwell Division – Entry Fee




The CATT will be hosting tournaments for the Lake Hartwell Division.

The schedule is as follows:

Qualifier #1Sept 19Green Pond
Qualifier #2Sept 25Waldrops
Qualifier #3Oct 16Broyles
Qualifier #4Oct 30Broyles
FinalDec 4Broyles
**NO NEW SUBS AT FINAL & NO PAIRING UP AT FINAL WITH ANOTHER MEMBER** Must fish Final with your partner or a sub your team used at a Qualifier. Enter 1 Hartwell Qualifier and you're eligible to enter the Hartwell Final! Safe Daylight – 3 pm - $35 per Person Membership - Qualifier Entry $60 at Ramp or on line - $120 Final Entry or $130 at Ramp Optional $25 side pot at each event! Point Winners Fish Final Free! Plaques awarded to Final and Point Winners!

The 2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational Classic will take place on Lake Hartwell Nov 5-6, 2021 and we are guaranteeing $10,000.00 to 1st Place!
More info on this Division page - Keep scrolling! Or go to Divisions and tap on 2021 Phantom Outdoors Invitational Classic

Hartwell & Keowee Tams Who Have Fish 2 CATTs
FALL OF 2020
Cameron Holley - David Holley
Gill Senn - Carl Whitfield
Cameron Fleming
Shawn Gray - Keith Gray
Vince Blanton - Wesley Sandifer
Billy Ballard - David McGinnins
Austin Johnson - Kenny Mathis
Tony Richardson - Phillip Richardson
jimmy Blackwell - Caleb White
Scott Allgood
Justin Raines - Hunter Kell
Cain Waller - Taylor Givens
Travis & Daniel Fisherman
Greg Jeter
Kevin Dye - Greg Arnold
Brian Bowers - Justin Dubose
Larry Masters
Derrick Lehtonen - Cody Lehtonen
Jimmy Black - Larry Masters
Rodney Chastain - Robby Hipps
Jon Anders - Michael Anders
Randy Cantrell - David Holly
John BloomField
John Carter & Justin Tingen
Jim Sanders - Guy Neely
John Carter
Rick Freeze - Seth Thompson
Tyler Thompson - Allan Holcimbe
Wesley Sandifer - Vinson Blanton
Derek Lehtonen - Jon Carter
Charles Murphy - Cody Ray
Tyler Thompson - Allen Holcombe
Roger Gosnell - Chad Powell
Shannon Poore - Jeremy Stewart
Cliff Ferrell - Keller Campbell
Brock Taylor - Eric Martin
Ryan & Bryan Lesley
Jayme Rampey - Adam Smith
Brian King - John Bloomfield
Ricky Case - Conny Case
Steven James - Kurt Brooks
Tony Gravely - Matt Durham
Joe Anders - Greg Glouse
Chuck Harrison - Ryan Stroup
Bo Hill
Matt Richardson
Tony Gravely - Matt Durham

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