CATT Cooper River


Ferris Jennings

CATT 2020 Phantom Outdoors INVITATIONAL

Presented by Phantom Outdoors Tournament Grade Fishing Apparel!

Bucksport Marina, Waccamaw River

Date Coming!

$5,000.00 1st Place

$200 Entry Fee

Platinum BONUS $100 (Paying 1 Place)

Gold BONUS $50 (Paying up to 3 Places)

Silver BONUS $25 (Paying up to 3 Places)

Blastoff # Determined by Order of Payment!

Qualify by Entering 1 CATT Event! 

Paying 2 BF Places

Paying 1 Place for Every 6 Teams Entered!


Qualifier 1September 7Cypress Gardens
Qualifier 2September 21Cypress Gardens
Qualifier 3October 12Cypress Gardens
Qualifier 4November 9Cypress Gardens
Qualifier 5November 23Cypress Gardens
FinalDecember 14Cypress Gardens

2019 Cooper River Fall Membership - $35 Per Person

Reg CATT - $50 Entry

Final - $120 Entry $130 at Ramp

You only have to enter 1 Cooper River Fall Qualifier to be eligible to enter the Cooper River Fall Final!

Blastoff Position is Determined By Order Of Payment

Teams May Use a Sub & may fish solo at the Qualifiers!

You can Qualify solo for the Cooper River Fall Final!


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PlaceTeamFebruary 23, 2019March 9, 2019March 23, 2019April 6, 2019April 20, 2019Total
1Kyle Welch - Wayne Clifton11010999109110537
2Randall Drew - Ryan Drew10011010898106522
3Matt Baker- Andrew Baker10810310596105517
4Johnny Brinson - James White9895107105107512
5Bill Lawshe - Jeremy Hewitt1091079699100511
6James Roy Jr Robison - William Gregory1069994107101507
7Joe Giampa/Gene Youngs1041011069498503
8Bubba Dennis - Randy Gibson10310610210190502
9Dave McConnell - Dylan Mcconnell991001099597500
10Travis Gatlin - Grant Powell1019410010394492
11Bruce Wheeler - Heath Hunter10796010496403
12Casey Leach - Charlene Leach1029398930386
13Will Thompson - Doug Robertson 00110100109319
14Jimmy McCants/Ted Smith9601041060306
15Benjamin Smith Jimmy Hall0095108103306
16John Campbell - Grace Campbell 971059300295
17Hunter Hackworth Brian Brinson010800104212
18Buckey Black - Carl Harrington 105104000209
19Scott Perrine Doug Law00011095205
20Paul Gaskins Michael Gaskins000102102204
21Gabriel Hornet Pearson - Joseph Scott0920099191
22Winkey Watford0097090187
23Frank Forbes Jacob Cramer0000108108
24Dale Lovelace John Wood0010300103
25Bryan Miller - Donald Boyne0102000102
26Jimmy Bihlear James Bihlear Sr.0010100101
27Justin Lord - Billy Johnson09800098
28Griffin Crane09700097
29Josh Timmons Robby Powell00097097
30Brandon Riley/Kyle Austin95000095
31Travis Gatlin Grant Powell00009494
32Casey Leach Charlene Leach00009393
33Brent Bartman Jazlyn Darling00920092
34Jeff Moyers - James Holloway00920092
35Anthony Amerson Jonathan Singletary 00092092
36Darrel Knies00092092
37Nicholas Mcpherson David Waldrop00092092
38Michael Sullivan00009292
39Chase Marshall - Brett Thacker09100091
40Tim Tyson09100091
41Christopher Thomas 09100091
42Andy Rutledge09100091
43Henrey Mueller Colen Mueller00009191
44Tim Hilton Bucky Clarke00009090
45Devin Lambert00009090