CATT SC - Lake Wateree Opens

Lake Wateree Opens


Open 1February 1Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 2February 15Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 3March 7Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 4March 21Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 5April 4Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 6April 18Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 7May 23Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 8May 30Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 9June 6Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 10June 13Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 11June 20Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 12July 18Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 13Sept 12Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 14Sept 19Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 15Oct 10Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 16Oct 31Colonel Creek Landing
Open 17Nov 14Clearwater Cove Marina
FinalNov 21Clearwater Cove Marina
Come join us 2020! The Wateree Opens paid back over $30,000 in 2019!

Open Tournaments – $100 Entry, $25 Sidepot
Final Tournament – $130 Entry, $50 Sidepot

Must enter 6 Opens to be eligible to enter the Open Final
Enter 10 Opens and fish the Open Final Free
Must fish Wateree Open Final with your partner or a sub your team used
Safe Daylight – Weigh in Determined at Ramp
$100 Entry Optional $25 side pot at each event!
Lews Product awarded at Final!
Plaques awarded to Point Winners & Final Winners
1st Place Points - Receive free entry to all 2021 Wateree Open Events
2nd Points -$500
3rd Points - $350
4th Points - $250
5th Points - $200
6th Points - $150

Lake Wateree Opens


Brett Collins

PHONE: 803.413.7521
EMAIL: [email protected]


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PlaceTeamFeb 9Feb 23Mar 9Mar 23Apr 6Apr 13May 11May 25June 1June 8June 15June 22July 20Sept 28Oct 12Oct 19Nov 9Total
1Alan Fletcher - Donald Hinson **10110410110010810610496109101110105981031101101666
2Shane Cantley - Michael Richardson109110110979210010110811097101109106110981021660
3Craig Haven - Tim Haven10410910795102981109599107102101991041081091649
4Jason Bateman - Steve Phillips9710610510296101109102961021001031001051041041632
5Scott Floyd - Greg Corvin98105999610193919410810910997971011001011599
6David Canupp & David Canupp9910410099100959210394100103981090001296
7Chad Gainey - Mack Kitchens97010910810910399105107981081071100001260
8Max Price - Brent Neal9700110919910210010010601041020001011
9Brad Petway - Brett Collins97001019994940010801060109991001007
10Scott Williams - Robbie English110104103103105108970000000103107940
11Chad Rabon - Walt Almond000109092103107103104107110104000939
12Butch Williams - David Ethridge102108106980105000010500106101106937
13Jerry Freezon - Kareem White9700091010793096001031031090799
14Lee Morris - Robert Ross0000000110104110106108108000646
15Jeff Reynolds - Lee Royson9700106103105000000107980616
16Jason Quinn - John Paul George00104105104001091060000000528
17Lewis Thompson - Mike King0010210410710909900000000521
18Jason McCoy - Casey Stevens00000104108980000099980507
19Jared Upchurch - Jason Byrd107107009497000000001020507
20Mark Healon - Tony Truit0104108097920000000000401
21Bubba Baker - Colden Baker0000000101979910000000397
22Jimmy McFarland - Calvin Griggs970000090000010009900386
23Sam Hopkins - Jacob Rogers0000010200000010710800317
24Jeff Norris - Jacob Norris105000001060105000000316
25Greg Atkinson - Ron Catoe000011010795000000000312
26Matt Nettles - Rob Blackmon106000000106000097000309
27Matt Ross - Bobby Purvis01040000980000990000301
28Jonny Player - John Gardenhre00000010000000001050205
29Garrett Brown - Doug Brown00000000000001000103203
30Greg Sigmon0000092000010000000192
31Walter Knotts - Wayne Cook000000890000009900188
32Barry Holloman000001100000000000110
33Scott Peavy - Ronnie Crapps108000000000000000108
34Chad Sims000000000000000108108
35Dean Benfiield - Sonny Beam000107000000000000107
36Dearal Rodgers 000000000000001070107
37Brian Sweeney - Taylor Burris000010600000000000106
38Kevin Malone 000000000000001060106
39Trip Poplin - Marshall Finch000000000105000000105
40Gene Windham - Bobby Windham000000000000105000105
41Shawn Hickens - Jody Sykes000000000000000105105
42Michael Earnhardt - Danny Noles000000010400000000104
43Matt Brault - Peicen Lynch000000000010400000104
44Sam Dowey - Tommy Moak103000000000000000103
45Barry Brown - Steven Walker000000000103000000103
46Brian Jeffords - Gary Pope000000001020000000102
47Kyle Arledge - Joey Arledge000000001010000000101
48Chad Weatherford - Brayden Weatherford000000000000101000101
49Chase Mount - Caden Bramlett100000000000000000100
50Mike Peach0000000000000990099
51Jordan Weaver - Chase Daniels0000000000000990099
52Jim Davis - Mike Allman0099000000000000099
53Danny Gibson - Steve Funderburke0000980000000000098
54Chris Hopkins - Hunter Hoffmyer0000000098000000098
55Paul Galloway - Jerry Galloway 0000000000000098098
56Matt Nettles - RB Blackman 0000000000000098098
57Jared Griffith - James McMillian 0000000000000098098
58Hunter Williams - Dylon Cox9700000000000000097
59Thomas Richmond9700000000000000097
60Ronnie Talbert - Kyle Arlidge0000000970000000097
61James Dunham - Anthony Moore0000000000009700097
62JR Oneal - Garrett Allison0000000000009700097
63Casey Stamey - Dillon Norton0000000000009700097
64Chris Wells -Woody Woodworth0000009600000000096
65Austin Kitterman - Colin Rager0000000009600000096
66John Gardenhire0000000000096000096
67James Moore - Jason Murdock0000000000096000096
68Michael Blackwell - Fred B0000000000096000096
69Tim Kelly0000950000000000095
70Jay Adams0000000095000000095
71David Winters - Todd Auten0009400000000000094
72Johnny Allen0009400000000000094
73Ray Dowey - Jeffrey Dowey0000000094000000094
74Dylan Locklear - Russ Williams0000930000000000093
75Rick Corn Sr - Rick Corn0000009300000000093
76Justin Locatis - Larry Locatis0000092000000000092
77Jim Davis _ Mike Allman0000092000000000092
78Mike Ellis - Mark Faircloth0000008800000000088
79Chris Sullivan0000008800000000088
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