CATT Lake Wateree Opens


Brett Collins

[email protected]


Must enter 6 Opens to be eligible to enter the Open Final

Enter 10 Opens and fish the Open Final Free

Safe Daylight – Weigh in Determined at Ramp

$100 Entry    Optional $25 side pot at each event!

Lews Product awarded at Final! 

1st Points       Fish 2020 Wateree Opens Free      

                                                    2nd Points      $550                                                                              

  3rd Points      $350  

4th Points      $250

5th Points      $200

6th Points      $150



Open 1February 9Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 2February 23Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 3March 9Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 4March 23Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 5April 6Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 6April 13Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 7May 11Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 8May 25Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 9June 1Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 10June 8Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 11June 15Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 12June 22Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 13July 20Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 14Sept 28Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 15Oct 12Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 16Oct 19Clearwater Cove Marina
Open 17Nov 9Clearwater Cove Marina
FinalNov 16Clearwater Cove Marina
Open Tournaments – $100 Entry, $25 Sidepot
Final Tournament – $130 Entry, $50 Sidepot


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PlaceTeamFebruary 24, 2018March 17, 2018March 31, 2018April 14, 2018April 21, 2018May 26, 2018June 2, 2018June 9, 2018June 23, 2018July 21, 2018August 11, 2018September 15, 2018October 13, 2018October 20, 2018November 10, 2018Total
1Alan Fletcher - Donald Hinson104107101102100110108109101971071101041072181685
2Jeff Furr - Todd Butler105105981081081031061031041041051091001082021668
3Craig Haven - Tim Haven1021031071011061001001041061071081041011092061664
4Jason Bateman - Steve Phillips1011009698102106103106109981041001061052001634
5David F Canupp & David L Canupp9799949610410810510710799103103971032101632
6Brad Petway & Brett Collins103104919198101991081021081021021021042041619
7Greg Corvin - Scott Floyd9998901039791979799979899981022001565
8Jerry Freezon - Kareem White009990971079898981051001019902201312
9Butch Williams - David Ethridge10610897100109102000001061101102161164
10Chad Rabon - Walt Almond 11000001091091051109710610801020956
11John Paul George - Jason Quinn00000104110110105970000214740
12Stevie Walker - Barry Brown96106000000001091051070208731
13Shane Cantley - Michael Richardson 10809399103000010698001060713
14Jimmy McFarland - Calvin Griggs 1099789000104970001079600699
15Chad Sims - David Anderson00000989697000981050200694
16Lewis Thompson - Jarred Thompson98970929701020980980000682
17Ricky Brown - Dustin Snipes10010292900900098000000572
18Matt Nettles - Phillip Nettles96009500107010810200000508
19Scott Williams - Robbie English000109000000001030212424
20Mike King - Chris Crawford000010794001030980000402
21Greg Sigmon - Jeff Segge008910697000000001020394
22Mike Ware - Bryan Holmes107010201050000000000314
23Mark Healon - Rock Healon 0011097970000000000304
24Lee Royson - Jeff Reynolds0001079700970000000301
25Buddy Hartis - Jason McCoy0000099000103980000300
26Greg Atkinson - Randy Humphries0089104970000000000290
27Tanner Fletcher - Von McCoy0009409600010000000290
28Barry Holloman - Joey Bramlett 0001101100000000000220
29Timmy Squires - River Squires0010900000000010800217
30Matt Ross - Bobby Purvis0010600000010900000215
31Johnny Allen - Scott Stallings 011000000098000000208
32Randy Weddington - Ronnie Smith000000000971100000207
33Dean Benfield - Keith Hargett0010500000000001020207
34Donald Wells - Paul Wells0010401010000000000205
35Jared Upchurch - Brian Jeffords0101100000000000000201
36Freddie Gibbs - Terry Odom000000009810100000199
37Gary Kirkbride - Ed Mathews000000001000980000198
38Will Dewey - Brogan Moore00000000011000000110
39Tommy Williams - Thomas Hardwick 01090000000000000109
40Jacob Norris - Ella Keltner00000000000010900109
41Tony Colacurcio00108000000000000108
42Winkey Watford - Travis Gatlin00010500000000000105
43Lee Morris - Robert Ross00000105000000000105
44Jerry Freezon - Jason Miles00000000010500000105
45Dutsin Compton - Jaonathan Strickland 00103000000000000103
46Jeremy Sessions - Dylan Locklear00000001020000000102
47Westley Jackson - Cole Jackson00000010100000000101
48James Stevenson - Chris Hopkins00000001010000000101
49Mike Byrd - Clint Byrd00000000001010000101
50Randy Therrialt - Michael Finney00000001000000000100
51Tim Kelly - Adin Kelly000000099000000099
52Todd Ledford - Matt Humphries000000000099000099
53Johnnie Lawson - Chris Sullivan000000009800000098
54Donnie Levister - Julia Levister097000000000000097
55Kyle Westerman097000000000000097
56Tim Kelley097000000000000097
57Mike Jennings - David Winters097000000000000097
58Sonny Beam - Billy Bailey097000000000000097
59Thad Driggers097000000000000097
60Fred Clements - Kevin Alford000009700000000097
61Casey Stamey - Dylan Norton000000097000000097
62Jim Davis - Zach Davis960000000000000096
63Richard Hinson - Doug Hinson960000000000000096
64Kyle McElveen009500000000000095
65Dylan Locklear - Blake Reese000009500000000095
66Mike Shumpert - Adam Henry000930000000000093
67Wesley Barrineau - Randall Barrineau000009300000000093
68James Gibbons000009200000000092
69Walter Knox - Walt Coker000009000000000090
70Chris Wells008900000000000089
71Brian Cox008900000000000089
72Mike Clark - Chris Anderson008900000000000089
73Trent McLaughlin - Brent Neal008900000000000089
74Woody & Dustin Floyd008900000000000089
75Clay & Rodney Sisk008900000000000089