CATT Old North


Anthony Williams

Trip Emerson

Brett Collins

[email protected]

2019 Academy Sports CATT Championship June 1-2 Kerr Lake!

$10,000.00 1st Place GUARANTEED!

(Stay Tuned - 1st Place $$ May be Increased!)

(2018 1st Place took home $25,000.00)

New Nutbush Ramp - Kerr State Park!

A team or solo angler must fish 3 CATT events to Qualify!

You can get in your 3 events by fishing any CATT Fall 2018 and CATT Spring 2019!

The 3 events do not have to be in the same CATT Trail!

$200 Per Team Entry

Optional Platinum BONUS $100

Optional BONUS $50


30 Boats & 1st Place is $2,000.00


Qualifier 1March 9Kerr Lake - New Nutbush Ramp
Qualifier 2March 23Falls Lake - Ledge Rock
Qualifier 3April 6Shearon Harris - Cross Point
Qualifier 4April 28Falls Lake - Ledgerock
Qualifier 5May 18Jordan Lake - Farrington Point
Qualifier 6June 8Kerr Lake - Flemington
FinalJune 29Jordan Lake - Farrington Point
Old North Membership - $35 Per Person
CATT Old North Entry- $160 Entry $170 at Ramp
Final - $160 Entry $170 at Ramp
Final $5,000 1st Place GUARANTEED!
Must Enter 3 Old North Qualifiers to be eligible to enter the Old North Final
Fishing solo or with a sub counts toward a Teams Final Qualification

Blastoff Position is Determined By Order Of Payment
Teams May Use a Sub
You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the Old North Final.


[email protected]

8-Jun Kerr Lake Flemingtown Entry BONUS 
1 David Wilson & Randall Wilson Free no
2 Terry Amen yes no
3 John McClelland - Eric Schell yes no
4 Clay Ausley - Ken McNeil yes no
5 Todd Sumner yes no
6 Randy Black - Mikey Anderson Yes No
7 Jordan Young - Mark Young Yes yes
8 James & Delores Davis yes no
9 Rick Dunstan - Josh Huff yes no
10 Todd Staker - Scott Woodson yes no
11 Adam Richardson & Son yes no
12 Billy Bledsoe & Brian McDonald yes no
13 Tony Stanley - Dennis Allen yes no
14 Jeff Brown - Ron Johnson Yes No
15 Johnny Howard - William Howard yes no
16 Charles Stewart - James Stewart yes yes


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PlaceTeamMarch 9, 2019March 23, 2019April 6, 2019April 28, 2019May 18, 2019June 8, 2019Total
1Jonathan Holloway - Brian West10581102103108109608
2Todd Staker - Scott Woodson110811091059794596
3Randy Black - Mikey Anderson949210710785101586
4Tony Stanley - Chase Stanley95859892106107583
5Rick Dunstan - Josh Huff99959410010390581
6Hunter Petty - Richard Petty9390108909196568
7Jeff Brown - Ron Johnson9681949910093563
8Terry Amen- Chuck Durden97811068986102561
9John McClelland - Eric Schell938296939295551
10Jordan & Mark Young1018195869090543
11Rich Z - Jamie Olive1068994108990496
12Chris Inscoe - Mark Antonelli988110394890465
13Johnny Howard - William Howard93094959390465
14Mike Cole - Vinson Nettles104889985880464
15Kyle Romohr - Tim Cantwell939910184840461
16Dennis & Keith Allen0110110110940424
17Stump Bledsoe - Glenn Elliott931059400108400
18Todd Sumner - Chuck Bolten08194831070365
19Evan Fleming - Matt Fuhr9381949100359
20Ben Whittenton / Paul Worthington0819483099357
21Billy Bledsoe / Brian McDonald010701010105313
22Dennis Reedy - Tommy Marrow10898001010307
23Jeff Shaw - James Richmond93109001020304
24Johnny Wilder / Michael Harris01030109091303
25Charles & Chuck Stewart0106009897301
26Josh Hooks / Jaimie Fajardo0010596098299
27Cody Amen - Collin Ford10781001050293
28Tom & James Saywell08310401040291
29David Blanton - Jimmy Hayes0108948300285
30James Davis - Delores Davis9301000092285
31Clay Ausley - Ken McNeil9300870104284
32David Wilson - Randall Wilson939494000281
33Alec & Richard Lower091940950280
34Tom Kuchen - Britt Kuchen938497000274
35Ben Cannon / Chad Craven081097960274
36Tony Woodard / Scott Smith0810831100274
37Patrick Williams - Kevin Williams1008108300264
38Wesley Tucker / Zack Davenport081940830258
39Mike Marchant / Brad McLauren0104001090213
40Jay Fuhr - Tim Wiltfong109009800207
41Eddie Glasscock - Billy Dunn930000103196
42Asley Ivey0939400187
43Ronnie Thompson - Terry Gibbons93000870180
44Jeremy Sabo08700830170
45Jonathan & Nathan Canaday08608300169
46Adam & Blake Richardson00000110110
47Chad Erickson / Stanton McDuffie00010600106
48Kevin & Brandon Aleman 00000106106
49Brian Fritts / Bo Adams00010400104
50Jason Suggs - Britton Oquinn10300000103
51Shawn Hammock - Flash Butts10200000102
52Heath Pait / Daniel Davis01020000102
53Clayborn Cox / Mike Card00010200102
54Chuck Bolton / Ricky Parker01010000101
55Zack Bedford / Sam McLamb01000000100
56Jesse Stanley 00000100100
57Timmy Ferrell / Chad Pearce097000097
58Garth Joyce / Larry Inmam096000096
59Steve Millen - Scott Mathews009400094
60Bibba Haywood - David Fyore009400094
61Edward Smith - Richard Emge009400094
62James Freeland - Jim Freeland009400094
63Ronnie Harrison009400094
64Juddie Revels - Kaden Revels009400094
65Jeff Hall930000093
66Ross Oliver - Brad Cook930000093
67Geno McCree - Phil Johnson930000093
68Jeremy Maye930000093
69Derrick Bowden - Matt Little930000093
70Tim Grein - Richard Cooper930000093
71Mark Inman - Bryan Welch930000093
72Trip Emerson - Lee Tate930000093
73Jay Fogleman - Jonathan Rhew000009090
74John & Stephen Lasher000880088
75Steven Jacobs / K Choosakul000830083
76Travis Kilby / Doug Moore000830083
77Jesse Wise000830083
78Elvis Carter / Jimmy Coleman000830083
79Gerald Beck / Rodney Sorrell000830083
80Trevor Hulmam000083083
81Eric Stainback000083083
82Mike White000083083
83Brandon Atwood / Max Crouse081000081
84John Sneed Jr. / Elisa Jernnigan081000081
85Matt Dean / Bobby Houser081000081