CATT Sparkleberry Swamp Quest


Steve Sweetman

[email protected]

This Trail is for boats with 60 HP or less! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

BOATS - Any boat equipped with a motor exceeding the Coast Guard approved rating for the boat will not be allowed for use in a CATT event.

LIFE JACKET & KILL SWITCH – A life jacket for each angler and the boat motor kill switch must be in use while big motor is in operation. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. Life vests must be Coast Guard approved. Excessive speed and reckless driving will result in disqualification.


Qualifier 1Dec 29 (8am - 4pm)Packs
Qualifier 2Jan 19 (8am - 4pm)Packs
Qualifier 3Feb 17Packs
Qualifier 4Mar 3Packs
FinalMar 16Packs

2018 Sparkleberry Swamp Quest Fall Membership - $35 Per Person
Qualifiers are $60 per Team
Final - $120 Entry $130 at Ramp
Bonus $25 at Each Event (Optional)

A Polygraph will administered at random Swamp Quest Events.

The Sparkleberry Swamp Quest will be listed as a Fall Trail. This trail will stand alone.The Swamp Quest membership will no apply to any Spring CATT Trail and will only apply to the Swamp Quest Trail. If you have paid a Fall Membership at any other CATT Trail you do not have to pay another Fall membership to enter the Swamp Quest.

You only have to enter 1 Sparkleberry Swamp Quest Qualifier to be eligible to enter the Sparkleberry Swamp Quest Final!

The 1st and 2nd Swamp Quest Qualifiers will begin at 8 am and end at 4 pm...the others will be determined at a later date.

Blastoff Position is Determined By Order Of Payment

Teams May Use a Sub & may fish solo at the Qualifiers!

You can Qualify solo for the Sparkleberry Swamp Quest Final!


Mobile devices may scroll left and right

PlaceTeamDecember 29, 2019January 19, 2019February 17, 2019March 3, 2019Total
1Brian Scott - Brad Beatson108109109109435
2Mike Kirby - Bucky DeBerry 110107110104431
3Paul Geddings - Bruce Peavy107110104110431
4Lee Morris - Robert Ross10999107107422
5Sandy Oliver - Sam Hopkins1059899102404
6Danny Shanz - Cody Armstong0104105106315
7Allen Bowzard - Victor Moore010599105309
8Brent Waynick - Rodney Jordan100991080307
9David Eargle - Reggie Hopkins1011020102305
10TJ Anderson - Will Timmons098102102302
11Zack Hayes - Roddy Cross10410300207
12Donald Hinson - Shannon Tidwell0108990207
13Emmitt McCauley - Max Terry01011060207
14Wesley Bilton - Trez Wienges10010600206
15Buddy Holmes - Brandon Evans1069800204
16Todd Gaymon10000102202
17Russell Otts - Randy Griffin0981030201
18Chris Davis - JJ Wilson098990197
19Max Terry - Jamie Glasscock000108108
20Jeremy Bradley - Steve Drummond103000103
21Derrick McCloud - Clint Borrows000103103
22Justin Johnson102000102
23Joseph Budin - Joseph Buddin000102102
24Joseph Budin - Mike Day001010101
25Jason Bateman - Steve Phillips100000100
26John Wislon - Eddie Wingard001000100
27Robbie Thames - Tony Smith0099099
28Ronnie Mills - Tripp Mills0099099
29Don Beckwith - Jim Wakely098098