Tim Askew

[email protected]

2018 East Membership - $35 Per Person

Blastoff Position is Determined By Order Of Payment

Teams May Use a Sub

You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the East Final.

2019 Academy Sports CATT Championship June 1-2 Kerr Lake!

$10,000.00 1st Place GUARANTEED!

(Stay Tuned - 1st Place $$ May be Increased!)

(2018 1st Place took home $25,000.00)

New Nutbush Ramp - Kerr State Park!

A team or solo angler must fish 3 CATT events to Qualify!

You can get in your 3 events by fishing any CATT Fall 2018 and CATT Spring 2019!

Any 2019 CATT East Qualifier Counts as Long as it's Before June 1-2, 2019

The 3 events do not have to be in the same CATT Trail!

$200 Per Team Entry

Optional Platinum BONUS $100

Optional BONUS $50



Qualifier 1March 23Water St. Lighthouse Landing
Qualifier 2April 13Water St. Lighthouse Landing
Qualifier 3May 11Water St. Lighthouse Landing
Qualifier 4June 8Water St. Lighthouse Landing
Qualifier 5July 13Water St. Lighthouse Landing
Qualifier 6August 24Water St. Lighthouse Landing
Qualifier 7September 21Water St. Lighthouse Landing
FinalOctober 19Water St. Lighthouse Landing


Enter 3 East Qualifiers & Qualify for the East Final


Water Street Lighthouse Landing! 

$35 per Person Membership

Optional $25 Side Pot  

Qualifiers $120 Entry Per Team - $130 at the Ramp

Final Entry $120 Per Team - $130 at the Ramp

Team must fish 3 East Qualifiers to be eligible to enter the East Final!

Fishing with a sub once and solo once counts toward your Teams Final Qualification!


Mobile devices may scroll left and right

PlaceTeamMarch 23, 2019April 13, 2019May 11, 2019June 8, 2019July 13, 2019August 24, 2019September 21, 2019Total
1Larry Thomas - Gerald Elks 110106106108108110109757
2Mike White - Dana Moore010298109106103104622
3Vincent Povazsay - Danny Hall9901000107105106517
4Charles Weathersby - Mike Henson109105105000108427
5Daniel Leggett010401040109103420
6Mike Ellis - Mark Faircloth98010101101060415
7Adam Haithcock - Greg Taylor0000105108110323
8JA Williford - Mike Chlomoudis1080110000103321
9Zeb West - Harold Herring0010710600105318
10Derek Whittmore0107102000103312
11Gerald Murray - Kevin Jones10700110000217
12Will James - Mike James10500000107212
13Dennis Langston - Andria Willis00104001070211
14Robert Nanney - Trey Nanney9811000000208
15Cameron Smith - Auston Smith00001051020207
16John Dupree9801030000201
17Larry Gunn - Hal Caldwell0103970000200
18Joshua Lanaville - Timmy Davis010900000109
19Scooter Lilley - Mike May001090000109
20Dean Jones - Levi Jones000010900109
21WT Davis - Todd Tanner010800000108
22Josh Milligan - JR Milligan001080000108
23Cameron Smith - Auston Smith000107000107
24Walt Goff - Phillip Gibson106000000106
25Jason Hooks000105000105
26Michael Kellett - John Kellett104000000104
27Chris McDuffie - Ricky Ward000001040104
28Donald Luther103000000103
29Daniel Boseman - Jordan Hughes000103000103
30Stacey Light - Mike Asher000000103103
31Marshall Williford - Mike Layton102000000102
32Ronnie Thompson - Terry Gibson101000000101
33John Dupree010100000101
34David Swain - Matthew Swain100000000100
35Michael James - Luke James0099000099
36Jesse Stanley - Danny Stanley9800000098
37Joe Varnell9800000098
38Justin Phelps - Bobby Dunlaw9800000098