CATT VA - James River Division



Qualifier 1March 13, 2021 - CATT GoldOsbourne
Qualifier 2April 10, 2021 - CATT GoldOsbourne
Qualifier 3May 1, 2021 - CATT GoldRt-5
Qualifier 4June 12, 2021 - CATT GoldRt-5
Qualifier 5July 17, 2021 - CATT GoldRt-5
Qualifier 6August 7, 2021 - CATT GoldOsbourne
Qualifier 7September 11, 2021 - CATT GoldOsbourne
FinalOctober 9-10, 2021 $5,000 1st PlaceRt-5
2021 James River Point Winners Receive Free Entry Into All 2022 James River Qualifiers Excluding the Final!
2nd In the James River Points $500
3rd In the James River Points $250
4th In the James River Points $150
5th In the James River Points $100
CATT GOLD - $120 Entry $130 at Ramp
Final - $160 Entry $170 at Ramp
Optional Sidepot - $50
James River Membership - $35 Per Person

Blastoff Position is Determined By Order Of Payment
Must fish 3 of 7 Qualifiers to Fish Final
Fishing solo once & with sub once counts toward teams Qualification
You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the James River Final

4/10/2021 Osbourne
1 Marshall Johnson-Ryan Lachniet
2 Bryan Keane - Evan Anderson
3 Wayne Taylor - Ed Jordan
4 Clyde Baldwin - Jeff Davis
5 Curtis Combs - CJ Combs
6 Tim Chaffin - Trey Goodman
7 Dave Carney - Andy Bollhorst
8 Brian Snipes - Chris Cockrell
9 Brian Brooks - Avery Polson
10 James Tilldy - Andy Walker
11 Jared Williams - Guy Fairweather
12 Nathan Kilgore
13 Jacob Kupselaitis - Joseph Kupselaitis
14 Joey Cooke - Justin Hall
15 Jeffrey Valentin - Daryl Moody
16 Stacy Vasser - Steve Webb
17 Ryan Drewrey - Wayne Drewrey
18 Rogers Walters - Renee Walters
19 Paul Martin - Francis Martin
20 Kelly Robinette - David Barlow
21 Jacob Moore
22 Jason Bishop - Jeff Hamilton
23 Richard Mistr
24 Cory Dunnavant - Kennon Ball
25 Clay Lewis - David Bivins
26 Joe Carr - Bob Timberlake
27 Frank Poirier - Brian Durham
28 Christopher Wingfield - Benny Wingfield
29 Alex Richard - Chaz Carrington
30 Jay Teasley - Patrick Jones
31 Bobby Harris - Robby Harris
32 Chris McDaniel
33 Avery Neely - Chris Fiore
34 Blake Condrey - Merle Condrey
35 Ronald Slaughter - Landon Tucker
36 John Barnes
37 Matt Funk
38 Jason S Bishop - Stan Bishop
39 Rusty Alley - Dan Robinson
40 Mike Caul -Bill Petzild
41 Zach Whitt - Larry Whitt
42 Neal Allen - Ryan Boggs

Bart Gore




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PlaceTeam2021-03-13 00:00:002021-04-10 00:00:002021-05-01 00:00:002021-06-12 00:00:002021-07-17 00:00:002021-08-07 00:00:002021-09-11 00:00:00Total
1Joey Cooke- Justin Hall110110
2Bubba Whitehurst- Parker Hinks109109
3Wayne Tyler-Ed Jordan108108
4Barry Brandt Jr- Robert Bandt107107
5Bryan Keane- Evan Anderson106106
6Paul Martin- Francis Martin105105
7Mike Gibson- Rocky Stone104104
8Jacob Compton-Michael Brannon103103
9Clyde Baldwin- Jeff Davis102102
10Bobby Harris- Robert Harris101101
11Jacob Kupselaitis-Joseph Kupselaitis100100
12Frank Poirier- Brian Durham9999
13Marshall Johnson-Ryan Lachniet9898
14Harris Baker- Chase Huffman9797
15Jason Bishop- Jeff Hamilton9696
16Charles James- John Conway9595
17Jared Williams-Matt Funk9494
18Donnie Meade- Travis Daniels9393
19Tommy Miller-Jerry Heffler9292
20Steve Webb- Stacy Vasser9191
21Cory Dunnavant-Kennon Ball9090
22Scott Rogers- Bucth Cooner8989
23Wilson Burton-Jeff Powers8888
24John Barnes8787
25Zack Whitt-Larry Whitt8686
26Jeff Valentine- Daryl Moody8585
27Christopher Wingfield-Benny Wingfield8484
28Clay Lewis- David Bivins8383
29Mike Caul- Bill Petzild8282
30Ryan Drewery- Wayne Drewery8181
31Tim Chaffin- Trey Goodman8080
32Ray Hogge - Donnie Daniles7979
33Mike Grogan- Garrett Geouge7878
34Brian Snipes-Chris Cockrell7777
35Luke Carson- Darrin Zoller7676
36Avery Powelson-Brian Brooks7575
37J Davis- RJ Davis7474
38Greg Cooper- Billy Allen7373
39Jay Teasley- Patrick Jones7272
40Chris Mcdaniel- Matt Kite7171
41Curtis Combns- CJ Combs7070
42Alex King - Matt Noraas6969
43Kelly Robinette-David Barlow6868
44Mike Rowe- Addison Rowe6767
45Aaron Lucy6666
46Rusty Alley- Dan Robinson6565
48Jacob Moore6363
49Rodney Allen- Neal Allen6262
50Chris Bryant- Matt Dunnigan6161
51Billy Boyd- Aaron Novitski6060
52Richard Mistr- Tom Owens5959
53Alexander Woodruff- Dylan Cross5858
54Dave Carney-Andy Bollhorst5757
55James Tilley-Andy Walker5656
56Brian Warshawsky-Mike Campbell5555
57Todd Fisher- Matt Chisholm5454
58Charles Ramar- Ernest Revels5353
59Paul Watson- Melissa Watson5252
60Casey Logan- Skeet Dalton4242
61Sammy Yates- Steve Colgin4242
62Nathaniel Killgore4242
63Linwood Shore4242
64Mikey Anderson- Bo Bolts4242
65Harvey Reese4242
66 Adam Lathan - Robert Lathan4242