CATT VA - James River Division



Qualifier 1March 2 - CATT GoldHopewell
Qualifier 2April 13 - CATT GoldHopewell
Qualifier 3May 11- CATT GoldRt - 5
Qualifier 4June 8 - CATT
Qualifier 5July 20 - CATT GoldHopewell
Qualifier 6August 17 - CATT GoldHopewell
Qualifier 7September 14 - CATT GoldHopewell
FinalOctober 5-6
$5,000 1st Place
2024 James River Point Winners Receive Free Entry in to All 2025 James River Qualifiers Excluding the Final!
2nd In the James River Points $500
3rd In the James River Points $250
4th In the James River Points $150
5th In the James River Points $100
CATT GOLD - $120 Entry $130 at Ramp
Final - $160 Entry $170 at Ramp
Optional Sidepot - $50
James River Membership - $35 Per Person

Paying 1 BF Place
Blastoff Position is Determined By Order Of Payment
Must fish 3 of 7 Qualifiers to Fish Final
Fishing solo once & with sub once counts toward teams Qualification
You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the James River Final

***OFF LIMITS-----On the Chick/James River tournament, the Pits in the back of Chippokes and casting over any dams (concrete or earthen) are off limits. In addition, there is no fishing at the Chickahominy Dam. You are not allowed to cast pass the floating dock at Rockahock. Also, you can not fish beyond the creek mouth or be inside of Cornelius Creek. If you feel that the area you are fishing may fall into these areas, discuss with the tournament director prior to the tournament for further clarification.

May 11- CATT Gold
Rt - 5
1 Ryan Drewery - Wayne Drewery
2 Howard Austin
3 Harvey Reese - Tim Tate
4 Jason S Bishop
5 Trey Goodman - Tim Chaffin
6 Cory Dunnavant - Kennon Ball
7 Richard Rodriguez Jr - Charles Rackley
8 Kelly Robinette - David Barlow
9 Dave Carney - John Dunn
10 Avery Neely - Chris Fiore
11 Jamie Nealy - Greg Ball
12 Tripp Mistr - Morgan Mistr
13 Rick Mistr - Tom Owens
14 Mike Coleman - Tracy Gravely
15 Rodney Wells - Michael Irizarry
16 Ron Studer - Jimmy Seay
17 Stacy Vasser - Kevin Davis
18 Duane Hodge - Brad Colgin
19 Michael Coleman - Tracy Gravely

2023 FALL James River EventsDate Landing
Qualifier #1October 7Lake Chesdin - 7 Springs Marina
Qualifier #2October 21James River - Hopewell
Qualifier #3November 5Pamunkey River - Williams Landing
Qualifier #4November 19Chick River - Rt 5
Qualifier #5December 3Lake Chesdin - 7 Springs Marina
FinalPostponed to Feb TBDJames River - Osbourne
James River Fall Membership - $35 Per Person
CATT GOLD- $120 Entry $130 at Ramp
Final - $160 Entry $170 at Ramp
Optional $25 Side Pot
Enter 1 James River Fall Qualifier and you're eligible to enter the James River Fall Final

Mark Austin


PHONE: 804-510-3996

EMAIL: [email protected]




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1Kelly Robinette & Dave Barlow 109103105317
2Tripp & Morgan Mistr9996110305
3Clay Lewis & Greg Cooper10492107303
4Trey Goodman & Tim Chaffin10310691300
5Cory Dunnavant & Kennon Ball 1069893297
6Rick Mistr & Tom Ownes 9110490285
7Ryan Drewery--Wayne Drewery889597280
8Dave Carney - John Dunn10172103276
9Franics Martin & Will Clements1078175263
10Brian Brooks--Avery Powelson899479262
11Howard Austin & Mickey Anderson 976992258
12Joey & Chris DeLuke1108365258
13Jeff Valentine & Daryl Moody 7810771256
14Joey Cooke & Justin Hall 1008668254
15Donnie Meade & Travis Daniels808878246
16Stacy Vassar & Kevin Davis 838966238
17Charles Ramer--Ernest Revels1027560237
18Jamie Nealy - Greg Ball 987761236
19Bubba Whitehurst--Brandon Coofy936181235
20Ed & Ed Jordan 875984230
21Jared Sutton & Austin Minton964785228
22Luke & Logan Carson926074226
23Danyon Winn & Calvin Carabin 677383223
24Mike Hicks--Keith Lupo0110108218
25James Tilley--Andy Walker775873208
26Michael Shears--Anthony Paschalk0100100200
27Curtis & CJ Combs676262191
28Billy Allen & Craig Creek 95088183
29Ron Studer--Jimmy Seay09982181
30Jared Williams--Alen Richard07898176
31Kevin Best & Brian Durham 94820176
32Jake Lewis--Roger Rhodes09770167
33Audie Murphy--Monte Aleman07096166
34Keith Smith--Chip Norford 064101165
35Bryan Keane & Craig Vaughn84800164
36Don Warren--Chuck Comer09072162
37Harvey Reese--Phillip Adams06889157
38Mark Tines--TJ Svec07976155
39Jake & Jesse Kidd105049154
40John & Tristan Koren 67087154
41Zach & Larry Witt 81630144
42Mickey Anderson04794141
43James Whitehead & David Gardner 67710138
44Scottie Melton & Shawn Smith 67069136
45Robby Harris & Morgan Fabre67650132
46Sam Pollock05767124
47Jacob Reid--Garland Reid01090109
48Duane Hodge--Brad Colgin00109109
49Brandon Casey--Cody Casey01080108
50Micah Mitten & Eric Picucci10800108
51James Byrd04759106
52Josh Wright00106106
53TJ Milton--Ed Milton01050105
54Marshall Johnson--Ryan Lachniet00104104
55Bo Boltz--Buck Boltz01020102
56Timothy Lucy--Logan Branch00102102
57Ty Pannill--Grant Vest01010101
58Charlie Reed--Kelly Pratt009999
59Rodney Wells--Michael Irizarry009595
60Richard Rodriguez Jr--Charles Rackley093093
61Ryan Grattan--Danny Gratten091091
62Ken Kipler & Shawn Dunlap 900090
63Tommy Littile--Burley Langford087087
64Wilson Burton & Steve Gill 860086
66Comer & Warren850085
67Mike Gibson--Rocky Stone085085
68Nick Passalacqua--Ethan Fox084084
69Ben Knapp & Jeff Reed 820082
70Charles James--John James008080
71Marshall Johnson & Sammy Yates 790079
72Avery Neely--Chuck Rackley007777
73Joseph Carr--Bob Timberlake076076
74James Griffin--Dustin Burket074074
75Aaron Lucy 670067
76Barry Jr & Robert Brandt670067
77Chris Bryant & Matt Dunnigan670067
78Chris Wingfield670067
79Cody & Brandon Casey 670067
80Michael Hedrick & Vince Wells 670067
81Mike Coleman & Tracy Gravely 670067
82Mike Henderson & Jeremiah Speer670067
83Noah Adkins & Welsey Farmer 670067
84Ralph Taylor--Bill Butler067067
85Jason Bishop066066
86Vincet Wells--Mike Hedrick006464
87Jerry Hammitt006363
88Eric Picucci--Micah Miten004949
89Jay Griffin--Austin Burkat004949
90Todd Fisher--Brett Stewart004949
91Ricky Meyers--Dale Cook004949