CATT James River


Bart Gore

Phone: 843-877-2148
Email: [email protected]

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James  River
13-Jul Entry Bonus
1 Donnie Bowman - Mike Wright yes no
2 Harvey Reece - Anthony Weithers yes no
3 Andy Semonico - Wayne Andrews yes no
4 Ray Hogge- Donnie Daniel yes no
5 Mike Hinkley - Matt Pulley yes no
6 Burley Langford - Brian Langford yes no
7 Craig Fagan - Torry Aiken yes no
8 Trey Goodman - Tim Chaffin yes no
9 Chris Atwell - Gary Atwell yes yes
10 Ben Knapp - Rodney Manson yes no
11 Richard Bates - Chad Holms yes no
12 Leidy Clark - Ricky West yes no
13 Chris Burnett - Chris Powell yes no
14 Michael Green - Dylan Gore yea no
15 Ryan Drewery - Wayne Drewery yes no
16 Stacy Vasser yes no
17 Brian Snipes - Chris Cockrell yes no
18 Dave Carney - Andy Bollhurst yes no
19 Guy Fairweather - Jared Williams yes no
20 Robert Whitehurst - Parker Hinks Yes no



Qualifier 1March 23 - CATT GoldRiverfront Park
Qualifier 2April 27 - CATT GoldOsbourne
Qualifier 3May 11 - CATT GoldRiverfront Park
Qualifier 4June 8 - CATT GoldRiverfront Park
Qualifier 5July 13 - CATT GoldRiverfront Park
Qualifier 6August 10 - CATT GoldRiverfront Park
Qualifier 7September 14 - CATT GoldRiverfront Park
FinalOctober 5-6Osbourne
CATT GOLD - $120 Entry  $130 at Ramp
Final - $160 Entry $170 at Ramp
Optional Sidepot - $50
James River Membership - $35 Per Person

Blastoff Position is Determined By Order Of Payment
Must fish 4 of 7 Qualifiers to Fish Final
Fishing solo once & with sub once counts toward teams Qualification
You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the James River Final.


30 Boats - 1st Place  $1,250.00
40 Boats - 1st Place $1,575.00
50 Boats - 1st Place $1,800.00
60 Boats - 1st Place $2,000.00


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PlaceTeamMarch 23, 2019April 27, 2019May 11, 2019June 8, 2019July 13, 2019August 10, 2019September 14, 2019Total
1Robert Whitehurst - Parker Hink220185210220835
2Mickey Anderson and Bo Boltz189215216214834
3Chris Atwell and Gary Atwell214212195206827
4Trey Goodman and Tim Chaffin194200213212819
5Ray Hogge and Donnie Daniel190219220188817
6Brandon Hill and Kevin King 213208209185815
7Jonathan Ceaser - Ben Jacobi215184217177793
8Audie Murphy and Monte Aleman186155214218773
9Leidy Clark and Ricky West201192174204771
10Ryan Drewery and Wayne Drewery208176184203771
11John Barnes and Ryan Barksdale216204160190770
12Kelly Robinette and David Barlow157205192216770
13Charles James and John Conway198206191170765
14Jared Williams and Guy Fairweather172209199180760
15Roger Walters and David Fox182203154210749
16Charles Ramer and Paul Brock209154219165747
17Stacy Vasser183211155198747
18Zach Whitt and Larry Whitt173199198166736
19Wayne Taylor and John Doyle180170188197735
20Chris Burnett and Chris Powell192181178174725
21Will Vickeroy and Dee Kidd157179170219725
22Donnie Bowman and Mike Wright188201152182723
23Andy Semonico and Wayne Andrews168166182201717
24Charles Kline and James Griffin203178172164717
25Mike Hinkley and Matt Pulley174169201173717
26Marshall Johnson and Ryan Lchniet177162189183711
27William Clements and James Cornett181163162202708
28Robert Taylor and Steve Webb199175161168703
29David Carney and Andy Bollhorst159182167189697
30Ron Studer and Nelson Marshall157183171186697
31Chris Cockrell and Brian Snipes164168190164686
32Bryan Keane158158157207680
33Francis Martin and Paul Martin167152158192669
34Michael Green and Dylan Gore169160159167655
35Frank Poirier and Lenny Biard2182171850620
36Scott Rodgers and Butch Conner 2170186215618
37James Funk and Matt Funk1951962120603
38Luke Carson and Darrin Zollar2052021790586
39William Allen and Mike Martinez 2191941680581
40James Condrey and Jimmy Condrey1711912150577
41Carl Sadler and Jason Brooks 2001881870575
42Jason Bishop and Jeff Hamilton2122071510570
43Harvey Reece and Gary Smith 0195202171568
44Linwood Shores and Garrett Towler1971931730563
45Mike Caul and Alexis Caul2111770169557
46Jeffrey Vallentin and Daryl Moody1610208187556
47Matt Chisholm and Todd Fisher 1572101760543
48Doug Wharton and Ben Kendrick1570206179542
49Brandon Vaughn and Thomas Childress1601981770535
50Jason S Bishop0167165199531
51Craig Fagan and Torry Aiken1571720200529
52Burley Langford and Brian Langford1751801640519
53Caleb Burress Justin Hodges1651730176514
54Gavin Stone and Neal Richmond1571531970507
55Danny Ashton and Tim Ashton1571641690490
56Ben Knapp and Rodney Manson1761561510483
57Willy Hicks and Willy Hicks Jr1570156164477
58Donnie Bell and Corbin Gibbs02182050423
59Kelly Pratt and Richard Addy02162040420
60matthew kite00203205408
61jerry britt and howard austin 00196209405
62Marcello Passal and Landon Tucker01892110400
63Richard Mistr and Jim Palazzo01870213400
64Bud Mason and Charles Crowder00218178396
65Tommy Little and Jerry Heffler01900194384
66Jeffery Banko 01971820379
67Rob Uzzle19601800376
68greg ball and jamie nealy 00193182375
69Kyle Owen and David Owen 21016100371
70Tim Garner and Martin Villa15721400371
71Wesley Farmer and Harrison Baker01711940365
72Kevin Best20615200358
73David Owen and Kyle Owen 00151195346
74Joe Carr and Larry Whitt17801660344
75marcuss handler and john mansini01521830335
76Richard Bates and Chad Holms00163172335
77Mike Baldwin Jr and Randy Taylor15715200309
78David Kurek and Cory Mason 15701510308
79Jim Sampson and Craig Ferguson01521530305
80George Petrohovich and Dennis Whittaker01521510303
81Travis West and Mike Oley01521510303
82Steve Lamm and Jesse Johnson022000220
83Paul Morris and Chris Schroder000217217
84Chris Milton and Ed Milton021300213
85Jake Eheart and Ethan Morrison000211211
86Tim Byres and Craig Ferguson000208208
87Randy Ruffin and Seth Flynt 207000207
88Timmy Lucy and Anthony ross002070207
89Adam Weaver and Nathan Seymour204000204
90John Korne and Aaron Sadler202000202
91Brian Thomas and Matt Caffy002000200
92Robert Davis000196196
93Eddie Griggs and Eric Rowe193000193
92Chris Fiore000193193
94Trey Dotson 191000191
95Tri Nguyen000191191
96William Gibson and Rocky Stone 187000187
97Chris Bryant and Matt Dunnigan018600186
98Travis Heath and Kevin Gregory185000185
99Sam Fisher and Aaron Fisher184000184
100Justin Hodges000184184
101Marshall Johnson and Ryan Lachniet 000183183
102Donnie Harper179000179
103Greg Fernandez and Bart Gore001750175
104Ronnie Slaughter and Landon Tucker000175175
105Brian Bersik and Rich Knisely017400174
106Don Gregg and Kurt Hildebrand170000170
107Barry Tucker and Larry Lester 166000166
108RJ Davis and Zachary Bruss016500165
109Robert Sutton and Mark Adams 000164164
110Bobby and Robbie Harris000164164
111Mike Newman and Kenny Moneymaker163000163
112Wilson Burton and Jeff Powers162000162
113Curtis Combs and CJ Combs015900159
114David Cole and Bob Hines 157000157
115Henry Boyd and Jan Frugad157000157
116Luke Elliston and Brad Brown157000157
117Tom Murphy015700157
118Greg Garabedam and Aaron Sadler015200152
119James Powell and Warren Ray015200152
120Casey Logan and Keaton Dalton001510151
121dave allen and clayton mullins 001510151
122Mike Shears and Wayne Eastwood001510151