CATT VA - James River Division



Qualifier 1Mar 4, 2023 - CATT GoldHopewell
Qualifier 2April 8, 2023 - CATT GoldHopewell
Qualifier 3May 13, 2023 - CATT GoldHopewell
Qualifier 4June 3, 2023 - CATT
Qualifier 5July 15, 2023 - CATT GoldRt-5
Qualifier 6August 12, 2023 - CATT GoldHopewell
Qualifier 7September 16, 2023 - CATT GoldHopewell
FinalOctober 28-29, 2023 $5,000 1st PlaceRt-5
2023 James River Point Winners Receive Free Entry Into All 2024 James River Qualifiers Excluding the Final!
2nd In the James River Points $500
3rd In the James River Points $250
4th In the James River Points $150
5th In the James River Points $100
CATT GOLD - $120 Entry $130 at Ramp
Final - $160 Entry $170 at Ramp
Optional Sidepot - $50
James River Membership - $35 Per Person

Blastoff Position is Determined By Order Of Payment
Must fish 3 of 7 Qualifiers to Fish Final
Fishing solo once & with sub once counts toward teams Qualification
You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the James River Final

1 Clay Lewis & Greg Cooper
2 Howard Austin
3 Jason S. Bishop
4 Cory Dunnavant - Kennon Ball
5 Tim Chaffin - Trey Goodman
6 Harvey Reese
7 Walter Woodel - Frank Woodel
8 Richard Rodriguez - Chuck Rackley
9 Brian Snipes - Chris Cockrell
10 Dave Carney - John Dunn
11 James Byrd - Mario Avent
12 Ron Woodfin - Chris Gammon
13 James Whitehead - Lynn Hoeffer
14 James Nealy - Greg Ball
15 Ryan Drewery - Wayne Drewery
16 James Calhoun
17 Luke Carson - Logan Carson
18 Kelly Robinette - David Barlow
19 James Byrd - Mario Avent
20 James B Mcdowell - Jay Dodson
21 Tripp Mistr - Brent Mistr
22 Tom Owens - Rick Mistr
23 Joseph Carr - Bob Timberlake
24 James Calhoun
25 Zachery Whitt - Larry Whitt
26 Justin Faison - Brian Bersik
27 Steven Watson - Robert Williams
28 Gerrit S VanVoorhees - Zack Clark
29 Jeff Valentin - Daryl Moody
30 Tim Mitchem - Alex Buckhorn
31 Michael Brannon - Jacob Compton
32 Curtis Combs - CJ Combs
33 Mike Rowe - Jim Rowe
34 Mike Hicks - Kyle Bolenske
35 Kevin Davis - Mellissa Davis
36 Jacob Reid - Garland Reid
37 Chad Hicks - C.G. Hicks
38 Billy Allen - Craig Cheek
39 Griffin Roberts - Nicholas Bodsford
40 Scottie Melton - Shawn Smith
41 Roger Walters - Renee Walters
42 Joey Cooke - Justin Hall
43 Marshall Johnson - Sammy Yates
44 Michael Shears - Anthony Paschall

Mark Austin


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1Ryan Drewery/ Wayne Drewery109105108322
2James Whitehead/Lynn Hoeffer9711095302
3Kelly Robinette - David Barlow9210398293
4Billy Allen/ Craig Cheek10369106278
5Joey Cooke/ Justin Hall10174103278
6Clay Lewis & Greg Cooper1087097275
7Cory Dunnavant/ Kennon Ball8710283272
8Tripp Mister/ Brent Mistr7710886271
9Don Warren/ Chuck Comer7210494270
10Tom Owens - Rick Mistr7885101264
11Jeff Valentin/ Daryl Moody947690260
12Marshall Johnson/Sammy Yates1057976260
13Dave Carney/ John Dunn987280250
14Tim Chaffin - Trey Goodman838978250
15Tyler Meadows/ Zach Meadows1028365250
16Michael Brannon/ Jacob Compton10010143244
17Donnie Meade/ Travis Daniels938069242
18Zachary Witt/Larry Witt766396235
19James Tilley/ Andy Walker689670234
20Roger Walters/Renee Walters898163233
21Stacy Vassar/Steve Webb717781229
22Charles Ramer/ Ernest Revels749954227
23Curtis Combs/ CJ Combs868257225
24Bo Boltz/Nicky Anderson519477222
25Howard Austin676282211
26Jason S. Bishop667367206
27Brian Brooks/Avery Powerson795172202
28Mike Caul/ Bill Petzold644791202
29Frank Poirier - Warren Poirier095102197
30Mike Cherry/Rob Uzzle106880194
31Travis Heath - Kevin Gregory010984193
32Brian Snipes/ Chris Cockrell756156192
33Ronald Woodfin/Chris Gammon885843189
34Michael Coleman/Tracy Gravely95930188
35Joey Deluke/ Chris Deluke635965187
36James Byrd/Mario Avent705660186
37Bryan Keane/ Carlos Gibson804355178
38Nathan Seymour - Jeff Powers08787174
39Harvey Reese - Travis West071100171
40Richard Rodrguez - Chuck Rackley09074164
41Edward & Edward Jordan010062162
42James Nealy - Greg Ball06893161
43Jake Kidd/ Jesse Kidd69860155
44Chris Bryant/ Matt Dunnigan104300134
45Mike Hicks - Kyle Bolenske03099129
46Greg Fernandez - Eddie Griggs08443127
47Keith Smith - Chip Norford06759126
48Steven Watson/ Joseph Watson81440125
49Rusty Alley/ Dan Robinson65560121
50James Calhoun04866114
51Kevin Davis/ Melissa Davis61530114
52Harrison Baker/ Chase Huffman11000110
53Noah Gilley & Craig Hula00110110
54John Koren & John Koren Jr00109109
55Jay Griffin & Dustin Burket00107107
56Matt Kite - Scott Rodger01070107
57Wilson Burton/ Jeff Powers10700107
58Aaron Lucy - Reed Clay01060106
59Donnie Hodge & Brad Colgin00105105
60Luke & Logan Carson00104104
61Neal Allen - Rodney Allen04161102
62Steve Colgin - Billy Colgin05743100
63Shawn Dunlap/ Ken Kipler990099
64Chris Wary - Nate Farley098098
65Thomas Coluccio - Richard Williams097097
66Land Weaver/Sykes Clements960096
67Christopher Wingfield - Benny Wingfield092092
68Zabdyr & Mike009292
69Josh Desrochers/ Josh Barlow910091
70Mike Rowe - Jim Rowe091091
71Zach Durham/Josh Durham900090
72Ken Kipler & Mario Avent008989
73Garrett Geouge008888
74Mike Cherry088088
75Robbie Harris/ Morgan Faber850085
76Tom Hamilton & Mick Hendricks008585
77Jacob Kupukselaits/ Luke Elliston840084
78Walter Woodel - Frank Woodel0404383
79Wes Zabdyr/ Paul Kirby820082
80James McDowell007979
81TJ Melton - Chris Melton078078
82Brent Williams - Justin Dyson007575
83Richard Owens - Austin Minton075075
84Linwood Shores0304373
85Luke Elliston & Burke Lee007373
86Wayne Tyler/Ed Jordan730073
87Joseph Carr & Bob Timberlake007171
88Jared Williams & Alex Richard006868
89Jared Sutton - Nick Passalaqua066066
90Cody Condrey - Jimmy Condrey065065
91Guy Fairweather - Jared Williams065065
92Matt Cooley/ Adam Weaver620062
93Tommy Little060060
94James & Jimmy Condrey005858
95Lucas Puckett - Anthony Ross054054
96Tim Mitchem & Alex Buckhorn005353
97Harrison Blake - Bryce Hunley052052
98Peter Adams/Kevin Murford510051
99William Fers - Chri Fers050050
100Francis Martin - William Clements049049
101Matt Wood - Steve Miller046046
102Rodney Manson045045
103Neil Jernigan - James Rutledge042042
104Avery Neely030030
105Brad Webb - Matt Holt030030
106Cody Wilson - Andrew Gonzalez030030
107Jacob Rudd - Brandon Ridout030030
108Mark Kines030030
109Wes Mike - Mike Zazdyr030030