CATT Lake Norman

Lake Norman Title Sponsor


Tournament Director - Anthony Williams

[email protected]

Norman 2019 Spring Information 

 Must fish 1 Spring Norman Qualifier to be Eligible To Enter the Norman Spring Final!

Membership - $35 Per Person
Regular CATT Qualifiers $80 or $90 at the Ramp
CATT Gold Qualifiers $120 or $130 at the Ramp
CATT Norman Spring Final Entry $120 or $130 at the Ramp
Qualifier Optional Side Pot  $25


Qualifier #1Feb 9Pinnacle Access
Qualifier #2Mar 2Pinnacle Access
Qualifier #3April 28 (SUN)Pinnacle Access
Qualifier #4May 25Pinnacle Access
Qualifier #5June 15Pinnacle Access
Qualifier #6July 27Pinnacle Access
Qualifier #7Aug 31Pinnacle Access
FinalSept 7Pinnacle Access

2019 CATT Championship June 1-2 Kerr Lake!

$10,000.00 1st Place GUARANTEED!

(Stay Tuned - 1st Place $$ May be Increased!)

New Nutbush Ramp - Kerr State Park!

A team or solo angler must fish 3 CATT events to Qualify!

You can get in your 3 events by fishing any CATT Fall 2018 and CATT Spring 2019!

The 3 events do not have to be in the same CATT Trail!

$200 Per Team Entry

Optional Platinum BONUS $100

Optional BONUS $50


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PlaceTeamSeptember 8, 2018September 23, 2018October 20, 2018November 17, 2018November 24, 2018December 8, 2018December 22, 2018December 29, 2018Total
1Aaron Jordon - Adan Locklear110101102100106096206821
2Craig Chambers - Derrik Cummings01041061101090103218750
3Matt McBee - Matt Haywood100970104110Cage93210714
4Keith Westrick - Jonathan Foster9396929610300208688
5Dale Phillips0929095104Cage88204673
6Steve Addington - Matt Stout0010495102Cage109216626
7Maurice Freeze - Rick Poplin1010103950Cage105212616
8Nick Miller - Brandon Brickweg 106921101011080880605
9Luke Helms - Kevin Toler10310210700098190600
10Jody & Jay Wright9810797951050970599
11Morris Elliot - Chris Tarbush 01098795102Cage0190583
12Orlando Giles - Mike Ray81920950Cage106192566
13Errol Duckett - Zoie Vazquez000108102Cage89194493
14Dylan Fulk - Adam Waters8898000Cage104190480
15Bill Grier - Brian Herndon85001030Cage92190470
16Tim Chapman - Mike Stephens00010500110214429
17Scott Hamrick - Roger Hoover0001060Cage107200413
18Alan Whitaker - John Miller9200950Cage0220407
19Jason Wilson - Kelly Logan8101051070Cage1080401
20Marty Williams - Jerry Bono092000Cage94202388
21George Lauster - CJ Adarie8495919700880367
22Allen Tuttle - Byron Tuttle829287950000356
23Chris Anderson - Mike Clark10110610100000308
24Aric Dwyer - Robbie Anderson9610010900000305
25Rob Spears - Ferande Encarnacino1081030000880299
26Jesse Smith - Patrick Houpe104999400000297
27Tony Nelson - Jeff Fulbright011095000900295
28Travis Kilby - Nathan Scronce000981070900295
29Kenny Beard - David Beard001089500950293
30Jason Land - Conner Usher00000088190278
31Jimmy LeShock - Chris Baumgardner00000Cage88190278
32Warren Ray - Ronnie Jennings87009500910273
33John Allen - Donald Poteat0001090Cage1000209
34David Bright - Joe Justice97105000000202
35Scott Beattie - Dwight Beattie0001020Cage990201
36Kevin Toler - Rodney Lambert0000000198198
37David & Kenny Beard0000000196196
38Spencer Taylor - Dylan Johnson9994000000193
39Wayne Houser - Greg Mathis0096950000191
40Nathan Dellinger0000000190190
41Jack R. Marcotte0000000190190
42Josh & Gen Hall0000000190190
43Dylan & Austin Smith9409300000187
44Josh Donegan - Derrick Bristle0088950000183
45Andy Brode - Herb Brammel0087950000182
46Tommy Williams - Thomas Hardwick810000Cage1010182
47Robert Porter - Matt Willis8193000Cage00174
48Joshua & Gene Hall8192000000173
49Travis & Andy Tindall8192000Cage00173
50Doug & Jake Monti8308900000172
51Doug Easton - Pete Bejte1090000Cage00109
52David & Ty Cooke0108000000108
53Danny & Lionel Mason1070000000107
54Reid McGinn - Maurice Barnett1050000000105
55Tyger Elton0000102000102
56Eric Vanglehoff - Nate McGeathy0000001020102
57Matt Stanley - Matt Caroten0010000Cage00100
58Josh Beasley - Shawn Smith00990000099
59Michael Hoffman - Todd Hammond00099000099
60Michael Mathews - Vance Mathews00980000098
61Carroll & Jeff Queen95000000095
62Tate Fogleman - Camden Gullie00095000095
63Spencer Taylor - Brandon Kendall00095000095
64Greg Fox - Chris Teague000950Cage0095
65Scott Faulkner - Tony Brewer00095000095
67Jerry Craig - Mark Connley91000000091
68Jason Dew - Jeremy Sullivan90000000090
69Allen & Jerry Robbins89000000089
70CJ D'Addario - Robbie Fairweather00000088088
71Todd & Hayden Hammond00000088088
72Kenny Kanipe - Terry Benfield86000000086
73Arthur Harris - John Marshall81000000081
74Brent Sanders - John Freeman81000000081
75Chad Atchley - Dempsey Carter81000000081
76Charles Ray - Craig Rycroft81000000081
77Chuck Douthit - Patrick Tierney81000000081
78Jerry Willoughby - Dan Funderburke81000000081
79Kenny Seagle - Rob Roakes810000Cage0081
80Landon Dockery - Cameron Ellis81000000081
81Mark & Vince Parker81000000081
82Norman Lowe - Justin Edgell81000000081
83Sheldon Hipps - Matt Hipps81000000081
84Jerry & Shane Lineberger00000Cage000
85Larry Lehew - Shane Lehew000000000
86Hank Cherry - John Parker00000Cage000
87Stacy Richards - Jarrod Poarch00000Cage000
88Jeff & Ben Hagger00000Cage000
89Mike Birsh - Roddie Blankenship00000Cage000
90Jerrod Hill - Shannon Bell00000Cage000
91Jesse West00000Cage000
92Thomas Fox00000Cage000
93Lee Endicott - Dale Surrett00000Cage000
94Cody Jackson - Malcolm Dillon00000Cage000