CATT Yadkin



Michael Smith


2019 Yadkin Fall Membership - $35 Per Person

Yadkin Qualifier Entry - $80  - $90 at Ramp
Final - $120 Entry $130 at Ramp

$50 Optional Side Pot Paying up to 3 Places!

Blastoff Position is Determined By Order Of Payment

Teams May Use a Sub

You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the Yadkin Final.

The 1st Team out of the money will earn $50 at each Yadkin Fall Qualifier!

Sponsored by Wacky Riggers!


Qualifier #1Feb 9Tillery - Swift island
Qualifier #2Mar 3Badin - Alcoa
Qualifier #3Mar 23High Rock - Tamarac
Qualifier #4April 6Tuckertown - Flat Rock
Qualifier #5April 7High Rock - Tamarac
Qualifier #6May 11Tuckertown - Flat Rock
Qualifier #7May 18High Rock - Tamarac
FinalMay 25High Rock - Tamarac

A team must enter 2 Yadkin Spring Qualifiers to be eligible to enter the Yadkin Spring Final!


2019 Academy Sports CATT Championship Info!

**Remember guys you have to enter 3 CATT Qualifiers to be able to enter the June 1-2 CATT Championship on Kerr. $10,000 1st Place! You can make your 3 by having fished any FALL 2018 CATT Trails and by fishing any SPRING 2019 CATT Trails—the 3 don’t have to in the same Division!


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PlaceTeamFebruary 9, 2019March 3, 2019March 23, 2019April 6, 2019April 7, 2019May 11, 2019May 18, 2019Total
1Andrew Wallace - Derek Livingston1061089610398106102719
2Mike Ray - Orlando Giles10111095101100100100707
3John Lancaster - Thomas Carroll107949510397094590
4Phillip Hedrick - Lucas Hedrick00959994107108503
5RM Parker - Corey Gibson100971091009500501
6Brian File - Wayne File099980969891482
7Marty Williams - Jerry Bono10893001020105408
8Mike Kiser - David Cheek0107100109000316
9Todd Haynes - Jeremy Talbert110960000106312
10Dan Funderburke - Butch Drew001081050980311
11George Lambeth - Herby Young105109009400308
12Steve Sink - Tony Foster000110940104308
13Scott Henley - Robert Mixon09897000109304
14Zac Gooch - Greg gooch102105000096303
15Roy Barrow - April Barrow99102099000300
16Jarett Albright - Chris Albright001040010491299
17Dwayne Hughes - Mike Gibson00950940107296
18Tom File - Hunter Harwell00105094091290
19Jonathan Phillips - James Blankinship00110011000220
20Cole File - TJ Drew00010601100216
21Brice Hollis - July Moore10910300000212
22Roger Hoover00107010400211
23Eric Myers - Michael Smith00106010500211
24Scott Faulkner - Tony Brewer00101000110211
25Mike Love - Josh Love00103107000210
26Robbie Walser - Mack Lowe01040001050209
27Kevin Burrage - Patrick Burrage00000108101209
28Kyle Whisnant - Mack Lowe01010010600207
29Ladd & Landon Whicker0000109095204
30Greg Deal - Chris Wagner0095010700202
31Weston Lineberry - Dakota Livingston0930108000201
32Ron Wolfarth9900001010200
33Scott Wyatt - Todd Barbee093990000192
34Brian File - Jeff Davis000099091190
35Maser Collier - Mike Collier000009891189
36Randy Weddington - Ronnie Smith000001090109
37Brad & Carson Younts000010800108
38Rodney Adams - Jeff Faircloth010600000106
39Justin Goodyear - Tony Waterhouse104000000104
40Nathan McGeathy000104000104
41Kent Reed103000000103
42Dusty Taylor - Nick Williams000010300103
43KC Choosakul - Steven Jacobs000010300103
44Danny Nifong - Dale Surrett000000103103
45Dakota Roberts - Dustin Holt001020000102
46Mike Lambert - Brett London000001020102
47Greg Creech - Chris McDuffie000010100101
48Ryan Story - Alan Aufderhar010000000100
49Mike White - Billy Lee9900000099
50Dean Jacobs - Jeremy Branch9900000099
51Josh Stafford0000990099
52Noah Beck - Ben Renos0000009999
53Kevin Farley - Landon Farley0000009898
54Kirby Moffitt - Spencer Moffitt0000009797
55Billy Lee - Christian Stevenson0950000095
56John Ritchie - Bryant Gobble0095000095
57Bryon Brush - Byron Brush Sr0095000095
58Steven Gawthrope0095000095
59Noah Beck - Jared Kinard0000940094
60Petey Brookeshire - Jeremy Beatty0000940094
61Jimmy Strickland - Walter Bundy0930000093
62James Davis - Deloris Davis0930000093
63John Ritchie - Bryant Gobble0000009393
64Hutson Hatfield0000009292