CATT NC - Tidewater



EventDate Location
Qualifier May 31Yeopim River - Bethel Fishing Center
Qualifier June 14North River - Waterlilly Ramp
Qualifier June 28Perquimans River - New Wildlife Ramp
Qualifier July 19Chowan - Shoups Landing
Qualifier Aug 23Pasquotank River Waterfront Park
FinalSept 27Perquimans River - New Wildlife Ramp
Must fish Final with your partner or a sub your team used
Enter 1 Qualifier and you're eligible to enter the Tidewater Final! $35 per Person Membership $120 GOLD CATT Entry - $130 at Ramp $120 Final Entry - $130 at Ramp Optional $25 side pot at each event! Point Winners Fish Final Free! Plaques awarded to Final and Point Winners! Lews Baitcast Reel or Strike King Bait Package awarded at Final!
$2,500.00 GUARANTEED 1st Place Tidewater Sept 27th Final

9/27/2020 Tidewater Final
1 Tom Foster David Gardner
2 Brian Cooper Mike Evans
3 Jaff Hayden Benny Cannon
4 Chris Turner - Quintin Chappell
5 Mike Knapp - Ben Knapp
6 Richard Griswold - Mike Watson
7 Michael Scott - JP Scott
8 Keith Jennings - Jerry Murray
9 Brain Richardson - David Buchanon
10 Greg Dick - Jim Dick
11 David Shaffer - Scott Shaffer
12 Stacey Light - Paul Harris
13 Ken Kipler - Shawn Dunlap
14 Jason Law - Terry Loevell
15 Ricky Mize - Chris Mize
16 Gary Debrito - Derek Goodman
17 Brad Higginbotham - Chad Outlaw
18 Josh Powell - Eric Roundtree
19 Jeremy Gatewood - Jared Allbritten
20 Ken Mathias - Jim Leavis
21 Joe Glazebrook - Christopher Carmell
22 Johnny Jones - Brandon Overton
23 Ronnie Ketchum - Benny Hendricks
24 Matt Greschak

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Matt Jennings

PHONE: 757-477-4335
EMAIL: [email protected]

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PlaceTeam2020-05-30 00:00:002020-06-14 00:00:002020-06-28 00:00:002020-07-19 00:00:002020-08-23 00:00:00Total
1Tom Foster David Gardner104108109100108529
2Brian Cooper Mike Evans108101100108106523
3Jaff Hayden Benny Cannon1069399105107510
4Keith Jennings Jerry Murray1051091029598509
5Matt Jennings Mark London9910492106105506
6Chris Turner Quinton Chappell9310710499101504
7Matt Greschak Dustin Alley10710289101104503
8Benny Hendricks Ronnie Ketchum921039892110495
9David Schaffer/ Scott Schaffer98959194103481
10Jim Dick Greg Dick10297939189472
11Jeff Knapp Ben Knapp9296959197471
12Brad Higginbotham Nathan Barber10094889394469
13Russell Gammon John Lane921060110100408
14Joe Glazebrook Chris Carmell103105881090405
15Ray Cobb - Mark Moretz010010696102404
16Charlie Reed Tommy Houlroyd1099397096395
17Ken Kipler Shawn Dunlap9708891109385
18Scott Rock Cliff Hoggard959988088370
19Mike Scott JP Scott9401071030304
20Jeremy Gatewood Jared Albritten921100093295
21Brandon Overton/Johnny Jones009410288284
22Stacy Light Paul Harris92930088273
23Mike Chloumoudis/ JA Williford001081070215
24Gary Debrito/ Derek Goodman00110095205
25Jason Law/ Terry Lovell00101090191
26Richard Hall - David Dozier0980910189
27Richard Griswold/ Mike Watson0009792189
28Ricky Mize/ Chris Mize0096910187
29David Buchanan Brian Richardson1100000110
30Jeff Peterson/ Bobby Clarke0010500105
31Larry Barefoot/ Roy Acey0001040104
32Jamie Phelps/JR Mulligan0010300103
33TE Jones Trey Young1010000101
34Ken Mathias/ Jim Leavis00009999
35Derek Chamblee/Ladarrius Chamblee00098098
36Travis Badgett Derek Smith96000096
37Craig J & Rob Chatham09300093
38Charles Wethersbee Michael Hinson92000092
39Luke Nickert Andrew Bass92000092
40Rickey Britt/ Calvin Askew00091091
41Eric Rountree/ Josh Powell00009191
42Steve Brickhouse/ James Williams00900090
43Josh Powell/ Eric Rountree00880088