CATT NC - Tidewater



EventDate Location
Qualifier #1Mar 14Pasquotank River Waterfront Park
Qualifier #2Mar 28Perquimans River - New Wildlife Ramp
Qualifier #3April 11Chowan River 17 Wildlife Ramp Edenton
Qualifier #4April 25North River Coinjock Ramp
Qualifier #5May 16Chowan River 13 Ramp Shoups Landing
FinalJune 6Perquimans River - New Wildlife Ramp
Must fish Final with your partner or a sub your team used
Enter 1 Qualifier and you're eligible to enter the Tidewater Final! $35 per Person Membership $120 GOLD CATT Entry - $130 at Ramp $120 Final Entry - $130 at Ramp Optional $25 side pot at each event! Point Winners Fish Final Free! Plaques awarded to Final and Point Winners!
$2,500.00 GUARANTEED 1st Place Tidewater June 6th Final

Enter 2 CATT events and you're eligible to enter the 2021 CATT Championship on Kerr May 22-23, 2021! $10,000 1st Place!

Chowan River
1 Ben Knapp - Mike Knapp
2 Keith Jennings - Jerry Murray
3 Mike Evans - Partner ?
4 Charles Doss - David Hickman
5 Travis Badgett
6 David Buchannon - Brian Richardson
7 Gary Debrito - Derek Goodman
8 Steve Brickhouse - James Williams
9 Kenneth Moore - Chris Collier
10 David Anderson - Kevin Versprille
11 Nick Koenig - Craig Owens
12 Ricky Mize - Quiten Chappell
13 Charlie Reed - Kirk Wall
14 Rick Plemmons - Chris Pike
15 David Shaffer - Scott Shaffer
16 Jobie Walker - Chris Napier
17 Jim Dick - Greg Dick
18 Jimmie Ritter - Zach Boslau
19 Timothy Fallon - Richard Griswold Jr
20 Douglas Hewitt - William Heighter
21 Tom Foster - David Gardner
22 Luke Nickert - Andrew Bass
23 Joe Glazebrook - Chris Carmel
24 Gerald Blaine Murray - Spencer Murray
25 Brent Thomas - Ethan Thomas
26 Doug Larson - Susan Griffin
27 JP Scott - Mike Scott
28 Jeremy Gatewood - Ian VanDyke
29 Brandon Overton - Johnny Jones
30 Jason Law - Terry Lovell
31 Nick Meek - Kyle Verkuilen
32 Tony Baker - Chris Wynne
33 Ronnie Ketchum - Benny Hendricks
34 Kevin Jopp - Kody Jopp
35 TE Jones - Brian Jackson
36 Michael Evans



Matt Jennings

PHONE: 757-477-4335
EMAIL: [email protected]


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PlaceTeam2021-03-14 00:00:002021-03-28 00:00:002021-04-11 00:00:002021-04-25 00:00:002021-05-16 00:00:00Total
1Jobie Walker/ Chris Napier109107216
2Rick Plemmons/Chris Pike110103213
3Keith Jennings/Jerry Murray104105209
4Spencer Murray/ Gerald Murray100109209
5Gary Debrito/ Derek Goodman102106208
6Nick Meek/ Kyle Verkuilen10899207
7David Buchannon/ Brian Richardson99100199
8Jason Law Terry Lovell10691197
9Vernon Lee Townsend/David Ward95102197
10Tony Baker/ Chris Wynne10787194
11Brian Cooper/ Heath Parker 9894192
12Tom Foster/ David Gardner9686182
13JP Scott/Mike Scott 9190181
14Joe Glazebrook /Chris Carmel10372175
15Matt Jennings/ Mark London8193174
16Timothy Fallon/ Richard Griswold Jr9083173
17Mike Knapp/ Ben Knapp7495169
18Jeremy Gatewood/ Ian Vandyke8385168
19Jimmie Ritter/Zach Boslau64104168
20Doug Larson/ Susan Griffin7592167
21Luke Nickert/ Andrew Bass9472166
22Charles Doss/David Hickman7982161
23Nathaniel Kilgore/ Stan Krasnodar6496160
24Josh Powell/ Eric Rountree8772159
25Douglas Hewitt/William Heighter8272154
26David Shaffer/ Scott Shaffer6488152
27Greg Dick/ Jim Dick6484148
28Ken Kipler/Shawn Dunlap7672148
29Jeff Hayden/ Benny Cannon6472136
30Ronnie Ketchum/ Bennie Hendrix6472136
31Travis Badgett Ricky Paige6472136
32Jordan Sanderlin/ Andrew George 0110110
33Ray Cobb / Mark Moretz0108108
34Randy Broughman/ Bobby Kinsey1050105
35Charlie Reed/ Kirk Wall0101101
36Rick Mize/ Quintin Chappell1010101
37William Jordan/ Eugene Foushee09898
38Bob Gomez/ Eddie Tipton09797
39Jeff Price/Cason Price97097
40Derek Smithson/ Chris Turner93093
41Scott Rock/ Jaden Rock92092
42Eric Hubbard/ Andy Morath89089
43Mike Evans08989
44Derek Hayden/ JP Newsham88088
45Mark Moritz/ Ray Cobb86086
46Nick Koenig/ Craig Owens85085
47Frank Jordan/Eugene Foushee84084
48Brent Thomas/Ethan Thomas80080
49David Anderson/ Kevin Versprille78078
50Kevin Joppe/ Chase Joppe77077
51Brad Higginbotham/ Nate Barber07272
52Greg Taylor/Adam Haithcock07272
53Gil Burke/ George Vogt64064
54John Lane/Russell Gannon64064
55Kevin Jones/ Tyler Jones64064
56Larry Barefoot/ Johnny Robertson64064
57Steve Brickhouse/James Williams64064
58TE Jones/ Trey Young64064