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Brett Collins

PHONE: 803.413.7521
EMAIL: [email protected]


If you’re fishing during the week may as well have some fun! All new and a bunch of fun format! BASS KINGS brought to you by Woods to Water! We will start the 1st Series with 16 teams so get your entry in! If there is more interest we will consider expanding the number of teams.  1st Stage 16 teams will battle it out and winners advance to the 2nd Stage! 2nd Stage will consist of 8 teams which 4 teams will advance to Stage 3! Stage 3 will see the top 2 teams advance to the Final Stage 4! 

Winning team takes home $2,000 PLUS 2- $200 Strike King Lews Gift Cards

Runner Ups take home $1,000 PLUS 2 – $100 Strike King Lews Gift Cards

Stage 3 Eliminated Teams take home $200 PLUS 2-$50 Strike King Lews Gift Cards

We will also hand out some Ignite Custom Poured Swim Baits!

More sponsors may jump on board in the next 2 weeks!

Lake Norman, NC – Teams blast off from the same ramp and weigh at the same ramp.

Entry Fee is $175.00 per team – 1 time fee. You may pay on line by going to “Shop” on the CATT website.

You must be a CATT member $35 membership. You can use this membership toward a FALL 2021 or a Spring 2021 CATT Trail.

**BASS KINGS is open to ONLY Grass Roots Guys! No Pros!

**One member of your team will be made an editor of the CATT FB Page and 2 or more Live Facebook Updates must be made during competition day! Fishing or updates. Live Action on Facebook! It will be a big attraction during the week for guys who aren’t able to be on the water. Weigh in must be LIVE on Facebook! Competitors will check each others livewells before blast off!

Opponents will weigh other opponents catch on the same scale! (Hand held or other) Must be weighed in the same weigh in bag.

NOTICE! Be aware when you sign up you must be available to fish any day of the week and both weekend days. There has to be some give…if 1 team can only fish on a Saturday that given week both teams must come together to make this happen. If a team cannot fish for any reason then that team will forfeit the match! You have to have some bend to make this work! We will do everything we can to get the match done! 

We are shooting for a November 27th START date! Matches will be drawn FB Live Nov 25th at 9 pm. Teams can compete any day of the week.  The 16 teams will be paired up live on CATT FB once 16 teams have entered! Teams paired will set up a competition day suitable for both. Once the date is agreed upon CATT will post to the public. Competition days must consist of 8 hours on the water unless weather is a problem. Winning teams will contact their next opponent and set up the next match! We fish until a BASS KING is crowned! **Series must be complete by January 1st, 2022!