CATT James River – Entry Fee


The 2023 CATT Championship will take place on Kerr Lake May 20-21, 2023!


The CATT will be holding a 2022 Fall Trail on the James River.

The schedule is as follows:

FALL James River EventsDate Landing
Qualifier #1October 15, 2022 Pamunkey River, Williams Landing
Qualifier #2October 29, 2022Seven Springs Ramp
Qualifier #3November 12, 2022James River, Osbourne
Qualifier #4December 3, 2022 James River, Osbourne
FinalDecember 17, 2022James River, Hopewell Marina
James River Fall Membership - $35 Per Person
Reg CATT - $80 Entry $90 at Ramp
Final - $160 Entry $170 at Ramp
Optional $25 Side Pot
Enter 1 James River Fall Qualifier and you're eligible to enter the James River Fall Final