CATT $10,000 Championship

2020 ACADEMY CATT Championship


The 2020 Academy CATT  Championship will take place on Kerr Lake November 7-8, 2020 and we are guaranteeing $10,000.00 to 1st Place!

Nutbush Ramp Kerr Lake State Park – 115 Jack Wade Farm Road, Henderson, NC

Either NC & VA License are valid. You do not need both.

**2018 & 2019 1st Place Winners Have Taken Home $25,000.00!

A team or solo angler must fish 2 CATT events to Qualify! You may fish solo or with your partner or alternate partner your team used in any CATT event.
You can get in your 2 events by fishing any CATT Fall 2019 and CATT Spring/Summer/Fall 2020! Any CATT event after June 2, 2019 will count!

How To Qualify

Must enter 2 CATT Events to be eligible! Enter 1 or more CATT event as a team – Entering solo or with a Sub also counts toward your teams Championship Qualification! The 2 events do not have to be in the same CATT Trail! If you entered the 2019 CBC Classic on Santee Cooper you are eligible to enter!  or if you enter 2 – 2020 CBC Qualifiers!

Entry Fees

$200 Per Team Entry – $210 At Ramp

Optional Platinum BONUS $100  – Paying Up to 3 Places 

Optional Gold BONUS $50 – Paying Up to 3 Places   

Optional Silver BONUS $25 –  Paying Up to 2 Places

2020 CATT Championship Kerr Nov 7-8 info! When you arrive at the ramp Saturday check in at the weigh in trailer and get your weigh in card. Your weigh in time is on the card with the basic rules you need to know. Safe light is around 6:30 am and that’s when we start blast off! If you have pre paid check the CATT Championship under “Divisions” on the CATT site and you will know your number before you arrive but you still need to check in

CATT Championship


Brett Collins

PHONE: 803.413.7521
EMAIL: [email protected]


CATT Academy Championship 2020 - Kerr Lake, NC/VA
CATT Academy Championship 2020
Kerr Lake, NC/VA
1Drawing Winner 2019
2Matthew Little - Derek Bowden
3Marty Williams - Jerry Bono
4Donnie Avant - Randy Waterman
5Jonathan Holloway - Brian West
6Tony Stanley - Chase Stanley
7Chuck Murray - Randy Groves
8Rodney Sorrell
9JT Palmore - Bobby Crisman
10Mark Robertson - Keith Joyce
11Ben Knapp - Jeff Knapp
12Paul King - Brad Stain
13Richard Griswold - Mike Watson
14Mike White - Dana Moore
15Duke Denison - Bobby Cline
16Dillon Thornton - Jerry Bragg
17David Shaffer Scott Shaffer
18Vernon Fleming - Glenn Long
19Chad Bowman
20Danny Nifong - Dale Surrett
21Jason Riggs - Steve Sink
22Charlie Reed - Dennis Gilbert
23Bobby Clark - Tommy Hughes
25Mike Ray - Orlando Giles
26Tim Wiltfong - Ray Griffin
27Stacy Vasser - Steve Webb
28James Davis - Deloris Davis
29Gene Hall - Scott Taylor
30Lee Williams - Anthony Latta
31Tom Foster - David Gardner
32David Wright - Jeff Coble
33Jesse Stanley - Rex Watson
34Eddie Fore - Brian Kirkpatrick
35Witon Rogerson - Bobby Harris
36Brandon Overton - Johnny Jones
37Calton Hall - Jason Suggs
38Robert Kennon - Ross Kennon
39Gary DeBrito - Derek Goodman
40Lee Allred - Eric Massey
41Cavin Young - Rob Wells
42Barry McCall - Harrison McCall
43Chris Murphy - Vince Murphy
44Jeffrey Banko
45David Hunt - Darrell Crumbley
46David Bullock - Jimmy Henderson
47Ivan Morris - Janet Morris
49Eddy Glascock - Billy Dunn
50Ryan Roller - Gary Colwell
51Chris Dawson - Jerame Edwards
52Bart Gore - Noah Gore
53Brandon Curtis - Brandon Slaughter
54Jason Houchins - Danny Houchins
55Jerry Davis - Tony Tysinger
56Jordan Young - Mark Young
57Bryce McClenney - Mike Corbishley
59Jeff Hodges - Lynn Fox
60Brian Benish - Travis Watson
61Tom Wilkinson - Tyler Purcell
62Jake Osborne - Keith Dutton
63Jerry Cullom - Ricky Todd
64Matt Poteat - Billy Bagby
65Mark Weaver - Harry Townsend
66Don Wheeler - Billy Strain
68Mark Inman - Bryan Welch
69Charlie Gunter - Reggie Norflett
70Rick Dunstan - Josh Huff
71William Clements - Francis Martin
72William Hubbard - Brian Calloway
73Sam Terry - Jacob Lee
74Gregory Lahr - Mike Maull
76Kyle Dillon - Jesse Mull
77Justin Medeiros - Matt Powers
78Edward Townsend - Dexter Hurley
79Matt Atkins - Stephen Costa
80Doug Stallings - Seth Ellis
81Chris Brummett - Al Berkley
82Cameron Lineback - Chris Barnes
83Todd Sumner - Mike Ditterman
84Wesley Cashwell
85Shane Sharpe - Will Mitchell
86Andrew Kerns - Gray Williams
87James Byrd
88Eric Royster - Casey Pope
89Shannon Breeding - Mike Altizer
90Collin Bennett - Blake Gillispie
91Ricky Trent - Tyler Trent
92Todd Alexander - Hunter Alexander
93Danny Wicker - Doug Washburn
94Larry Witt
95Tim Thurman - Thomas Jarrell
96Tyler Dix - Carl Enos
97Matthew Martin - Travis Lugar
98Christopher Carmell - Joe Glazebrrok
99James Graves - Larry Blanks
100Greg Creech - Chris McDuffie
101Kevin Dawson - Joey Dawson
102John Kistler - Rusty Melton
103Walter Emerson - Brody Webb
104Audie Murphy
105Chris Turner - Travis Badgett
106Andy Parker - Larry Parker
107David Farrington - Terry Easter
108Chris Bishop - Wesley Bennett
109Todd Harris
110Mike Toney / Damien McMahon
111Richard Cooper - Brain Grady
112Brenson Kent
113Allen White - Mike Vaughan
114Ben Dalton - Dean Dalton
115Jeff Ross - Clay Ross
116Jams Cassady
117Bill Shelton - Michael Garner
118Brandon Pritchett - Matt Foster
119Craig Blankenship - Susan Blankenship
120Ron Wolfarth
121Brandon Hendricks - Jon Williams
122Marshall Johnson - Ryan Lachniet
123Daniel Jenkins
124Will Howard - Mike Whitehurst
125Ricky Gant - Greg Stallings
126Herby Young - George Lambeth
127Cody Griffey - Blake Condrey
128Nathan Webber - Brandon Gray


Scroll down to pay your entry fee for the 2020 CATT Championship.

You can also mail your entry to:

PO BOX 368

Blast Off is Determined by Order of Payment!

We Expect Over 200 Teams in 2020 so get your entry in!
No Off Limits Period! Practice is open all days up until the 1st Day of the Championship! You may fish solo, with your partner or with a sub your teams used at a CATT event! NO NEW SUBS AT THE CHAMPIONSHIP!