CATT Championship Level Rod Bonus!

If you have a Level Performance Rod in your boat during the 2018 CATT Championship you have a chance to take home some cash!
The 1st highest finishing team with a Level Rod will receive $350…2nd highest finishing team with a Level Rod will earn $150! 
2018 CATT Championship Sponsored by Academy Sports & Outdoors!
Pre Pay List Updated June 1st!
We are up to 106 teams pre paid!
*BTC – Bassmaster Team Championship
Entry $50 Bonus $100 Bonus BTC
1 Denny Gilbert – Charlie Reed Free no no no
2 Mark Inman – Bryan Welch yes yes yes no
3 Harvey Reese – Anthony Weithers yes no no no
4 John Yager – Mike Rohr yes no no no
5 Donnie Avant – Randy Waterman yes no no no
6 Mark Robertson – Keith Joyce yes yes yes no
7 Marty Williams – Jerry Bono yes no no no
8 Bobby Crisman – JT Palmore yes no no no
9 Jeff Edwards – Brandon Slaughter yes no yes no
10 Steve Vann – Richard Lewis yes no no no
11 Mark Winn – Mike Nichols yes no no no
12 Joe Smith – Raeford Faircloth yes no no no
13 Mark Whitman – James Stovers yes no no no
14 Donna Wilson – Mike Whitehurst yes no no no
15 George Lauster – Bryan Tilly yes no no no
16 Dwayne Bingman – Alex Michaux yes no no no
17 Mark Lowe – Cliff Swan yes no no no
18 Travis Priest – James Sutton yes no no no
19 Ronnie Thompson – Terry Gibbons yes no no no
20 Robert Perkins – Eric Royster yes no no no
21 Anthony Shawler – Scott Davies yes no no no
22 Scott Williams – Robbie English yes no no no
23 Gerald Beck – Rodney Sorrell yes yes yes no
24 Daniel Wood – Trampus Stafford yes no no no
25 Ray Griffin – Francis Martin yes no no no
26 Chuck Murray – Randy Groves yes no no no
27 Evan Fleming – Matt Furh yes no no no
28 Tony Stanley – Chase Stanley yes no no no
29 David Bullock – Jimmy Henderson yes yes no no
30 Larry Inman – Ron Wolfarth yes yes no no
31 Duke Denison – Bobbie Cline yes no no no
32 Stump Bledsoe – Glenn Elliott yes no no no
33 Nathan Dellinger – Travis Kilby yes no no no
34 James Davis – Deloris Davis yes no no no
35 Will Howard – Bryce McClenney yes no no no
36 Stacy Richards – Doug Sawyer yes no no no
37 Thomas Vickers – Brian Huskins yes yes yes no
38 Kevin Farley – David Ford yes no no no
39 Aaron Johnson – Charles Napier yes yes no no
40 Richard Cooper – Tim Grien yes no no no
41 Jesse Wise – Ashley Ivey yes no no no
42 Clay Ausley – Ken McNeil yes yes yes no
43 Robin Collins – Ronnie White yes yes no no
44 Brain Green – Jeff Parrish yes yes yes no
45 Gary Horsely – David Dehart yes no no no
46 Chris Savage – Michael Campbell yes no no no
47 Walt Bowen – Joseph Sharpe yes no no no
48 Chris Richey – George Bost yes yes yes no
49 Johnny Howard – William Howard yes no no no
50 Dennis Allen – Keith Allen yes yes yes no
51 Jason Dew – Tom Elliott no no no no
52 Charles Stewart – Mathew Dean yes no no no
53 Rodney Bell – Tommy Jones yes no no no
54 Brian Kirkpatrick – Eddie Fore yes no no no
55 Thomas Simmerson – Doug Young yes yes yes no
56 Eric Bozeman – Max Shuman yes yes no no
57 Rick Dunstan – Josh Huff yes no no no
58 Marcus Leech – Tim Chapman yes yes no no
59 Matt Pulley – Steven Whitaker yes no no no
60 Randy Black – Mikey Anderson yes no no no
61 Doug Parker yes no no no
62 Scott Canady – Jamie Pate yes no no no
63 Eddy Glascock – Billy Dunn yes yes no no
64 Kevin Poley – Richard Hall yes no no no
65 Terry Easter – Dave Farrington yes no no no
66 William Hubbard – Brian Calloway yes yes no no
67 Steve Summers – Danny Nifong yes yes yes no
68 Jerry Davis – Tony Tysinger yes yes yes no
69 Jesse Stanley – Rex Watson yes yes no no
70 Tim Wiltfong – Jay Fuhr yes yes no no
71 Will Vickery and Dee Kidd yes no no no
72 Dan Funderburke – Butch Drew yes yes no no
73 Roby Wyatt – Mike Prytula yes no no no
74 David Enos – Carl Enos yes no no no
75 Heath Paint – Daniel Davis yes yes yes no
76 Vern Fleming – Glenn Long yes no no no
77 Brandon Hendricks – Gene Griffin yes no no no
78 David Wright – Jeff Coble yes yes yes no
79 Alan Aufderhar – Ryan Story yes no no no
80 Greg Taylor – Adam Haithcock yes yes no no
81 Cavin Young – Rob Wells yes yes yes no
82 Chris McDuffie – Greg Creech yes no no no
83 Steve Griggs – Tim Parker yes yes no no
84 Eddie Griggs – Bryan Elrod yes no no no
85 Mike King – Chris Crawford yes yes no no
86 Jamey Caldwell – Seth Ellis yes no no no
87 Allen White – Mike Vaughen yes yes no no
88 James Ashton – Burley Langford yes no no no
89 Jim Freeland yes no no no
90 Casey Logan – Keaton Dalton yes no no no
91 Alex King – Matt Noras yes no no no
92 Paul Watson – Melissa Watson yes yes no no
93 Brendon Schneider – Kyle James yes yes yes no
94 Wesley Cashwell – Shane Doughtie yes yes yes no
95 Monte Allman – Kevin Allman yes yes no no
96 Scott Moser – Tony Milliam yes no no no
97 Dylan Gauldin – Austin Carter yes no no no
98 Sam Terry – Jacob Lee yes no no no
99 Bart Gore – Dylan Gore yes no no no
100 Daniel Jenkins – Jason Kopp yes no no no
101 Rich Hartman – Mark Brown yes no no no
102 Joey Dawson – Kevin Dawson yes yes no no
103 Maurice Freeze – Rick Poplin yes yes no no
104 Randy Weddington – Ronnie Smith yes no no no
105 Norwood Ligon – Daryl Peele yes yes no no
106 Kevin Cheatam – Johnny Wilder yes no no no