The 2018 CATT Championship will take place on Kerr Lake, June 2-3, 2018. The tournament ramp will be the new Nutbush Ramp at Kerr Lake State Park. We are very pleased to announce that the first place finishers of the CATT Championship will receive $10,000 guaranteed!

Entry fee for this tournament is $200. There is also a $50 bonus side pot that pays 4 places and a $100 Platinum bonus side pot that is paid to the top team in the Platinum Bonus.

A team must enter 3 CATT Qualifiers to be eligible for the CATT Championship. Fishing solo or with a sub once will go towards your teams Championship Qualification. You may fish 3 qualifiers in 1 Division or 3 combined total consisting of multiple CATT Divisions listed below.

Qualifying Tournament Trails
  1. All Summer 2017 CATT Trails
  2. All Fall 2017 CATT Trails
  3. All Spring 2018 CATT Trails

It’s very easy to qualify! Fishing solor or with a sub once goes toward your team Championship Qualification. All CATT Rules apply. Please contact Brett Collins if you have addition questions.

Event Location

New Nutbush Ramp, Kerr Lake
115 Jack Wade Farm Rd
Henderson NC 27537

Level Rods Bonus

If you have a Level Performance Rod in your boat during the 2018 CATT Championship you have a chance to take home some cash! The 1st highest finishing team with a Level Rod will receive $350…2nd highest finishing team with a Level Rod will earn $150!