ATTN: CATT Trail Yadkin Division on October the 19th is now being changed to HIGH ROCK LAKE out of Tamarac Marina The reason for the change is due to the changing water levels and hardly any expected rain for our area. Badin is at 4.61 right now whereas it was 3.91 last weekend. However they pulled the lake pretty hard on Monday prior to our tournament on Sunday. If that were to happen with this tournament there would be the potential for ramp issues dealing with the water level. This has been a tough decision to make but understanding most anglers use the weekend to practice I wanted to give enough notice to try to keep things fair for all competitors. So I do think its in the best interest and for safety purposes to now move this tournament to High Rock. I do apologize for any inconvenience and frustration this causes but I am trying to run a fair and safe trail for everyone and hope that everyone understands.

Michael Smith

CATT Yadkin Director