We wrapped up the 1st year BassKings events with 20 teams entering the Championship on Lake Murray, SC! A boatload of $$ was awarded and we are looking forward to seeing the growth ahead! Working on some Fall BassKing events and definitely will be adding 2025 Spring events! We will work on making a more compact schedule for each Trail and just like the CATT Trail concentrate on your home lake! VA & NC are jumping on board this Fall!

The 2024 BassKings events were brought to you by Palmetto home Outlet! Palmetto Home Outlet is located in Lexington SC! With over 30 years of experience helping families achieve the dream of homeownership! Give them a call at 803-520-0607 or visit them at 189 Hwy 378 Lexington, SC 29072! Email is [email protected]

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Jody Wright weighed in 5 bass at 23.25 lbs PLUS the BF at 6.61 lbs giving him the win on Lake Murray! Jody took home $6,500.00 PLUS a $100 Lews/ Strike King Gift Card!

TJ Keisler claimed 2nd with another big bag weighing 19.82 lbs with a BF weighing 4.60 lbs! TJ collected $2,500.00!

Jeremiah Jensen earned 3rd Place with a limit weighing 18.85 lbs with a BF at 5.26 lbs! Jeremiah took home $1,400.00!

Mark Richardson with a couple of nice uns!

We awarded a ton of Lews/Strike King gift cards and some swimbaits from Ignite Baits!

CJ Freeman – Art Harris – James Gibbons

**Payout was $2,500 above the amount of entry fees taken in! 

BassKing BF Weight Winnings
Jody Wright 6.61 23.25 $6,500.00
TJ Keisler 4.60 19.82 $2,500.00
Jeremiah Jensen 5.26 18.85 $1,400.00
JW Smith 4.51 14.87 $250.00
CJ Freeman 4.10 13.25 $350.00
Wade Amick 4.22 12.77
James Gibbons 4.07 12.22
Mark Richardson 0.00 7.72
Art Harris 2.95 7.36
Jeffrey K Borne 0.00 0.00
Bobby White 0.00 0.00
Mike Williams 0.00 0.00
Wyatt Sims 0.00 0.00
Rusty Bullard 0.00 0.00
Steve Wicker 0.00 0.00
Dyan Sills 0.00 0.00
Anthony Marks 0.00 0.00
Corey Casey 0.00 0.00
Mike Kiser 0.00 0.00
George Berry 0.00 0.00