Here are the final results from the CATT Open #4 on Lake Norman.
1st place with a total weight of 15.23 LBS and a BIG FISH weighing 4.09; along with the side pot, Chad Midkiff cleaned up winning a total of $850.00!! Congratulations Chad!
2nd place, with a total weight of 11.96 LBS winning a payday of $215.00 were the tandem of Steve Addington and Mike Seawright. Good work gentlemen!
3rd Place, with a total weight of 9.55 LBS (on 4 fish!) was TJ Rumpf winning a payout of $110.00.
4th place, weighing in a total weight of 8.96 LBS war Lance Eckford winning a payout of $60.00
Bonnie Holt and I would like to thank you to EVERYONE who came out and fished with us this spring. We were able to put on 8 Opens with a great turnout for each. We look forward to running it back this fall and I will be making announcements once the fall schedule is determined and released. You all are a great group of people and we have enjoyed hosting you for each event!
Have a great summer everyone!
Team BF Weight Winnings
Chad Midkiff 4.09 15.23 $850.00
Steve Addington – Mike Seawright 3.03 11.96 $215.00
TJ Rumpf 2.96 9.55 $110.00
Lance Eckford 0.00 8.96 $60.00
Preston Harris – Stanton Harris 3.63 8.79
TY Lowery – Mike Lowery 0.00 8.07
Patrcik Houpe – Jesse Smith 2.31 8.05
Tom Bramhill – Luke Bramhill 0.00 7.65
Jacob Killian – Dillion Painter 2.84 7.53
Anthony Burton – Alvin Lewis JR 2.21 3.43