Here are the results for the final CATT Open on Lake Norman for the spring.

18 boats showed up to fish with us making it a top 3 payday for the tourney. 12 boats weighed in at the end of the day.

3RD place went to the team of Rob Digh Outdoors and Nolan Saunders who claimed a $100.00 check for their 5 fish weighing 11.71 LBS. Good work gentlemen!

2ND place went to team Pierlott; Max Pierlott and Michael Pierlott who brought 5 fish to the scale showing a total weight of 12.47 LBS. They walked away with $200.00 for their efforts. Way to go fellas.

Our BIG FISH winner of the day did not place in the top three but wound up taking home a $90.00 check. Layton Wayne brought us a 4.36 LB bass for the win. Great catch Layton!

Our 1ST place winners went to team Conner; Brandon Conner and Blake Conner who won going away by 1.51 LBS over 2nd place with a sack of bass weighing in at 13.98 LBS. They claim a check for $350.00 for this effort PLUS a check for an additional $400.00 for the side pot making them the big winners of the day with $750.00 in total winnings. WAY TO GO GUYS!!!

See y’all in the fall…God willing!

Team BF Weight Winnings
Brandon Conner – Blake Conner 3.30 13.98 $750.00
Mike Pierlott – Max Pierlott 0.00 12.47 $200.00
Rob Digh – Nolan Sanders 3.24 11.71 $100.00
Lee Hoyle – Robbie Morgan 4.16 11.60
Layton Wayne 4.36 10.50 $90.00
Kaden Buchmann – Chase Wodzinski 0.00 10.35
KJ Queen – Nolan Price 0.00 10.23
Nathan Scronce – Nick Baker 3.51 9.46
Nick Burke – Mark Cain 2.50 9.12
David Beard – Kenny Beard 0.00 8.88
Chris Goodwin 0.00 8.88
Ryan Coker – Brandon Marsalis 3.11 7.17