Luke Helms and Kevin Toler (Veteran)
15.50 and 2nd BF 3.58 and Bonus For a total of $1490.00

2nd Greg Sims and Bobby Young
And 1st BF 13.96 and 4.92 total winnings $722

3rd Roger Hoover with 13.35 for $208! 

The Veterans Points was awarded today Sponsored by #GoodwillNWNC

1st Keith Westrick and Bobby Williams
2nd Dale Surrett $300
3rd Danny Bost $200

A very special thanks to #GoodwillNWNC for supporting our Veterans fishing CATT!
Guys and Gals please help us support Goodwill Industries of NWNC by buying from one of the retail or outlet stores or simply making donations at any one of their retail stores, outlets stores or attended donation trailer sites. They have been gracious enough to help Catt by sponsoring the Veterans Points on Lake Hickory and Lake Norman so again please help us support them. When you donate or purchase it helps train people to work in all kinds of Careers!!
When you shop at a Goodwill store, please tell them how much we as Americans appreciate their support of Veterans and CATT and remember to round-up your purchase to further assist with their training programs to help individuals obtain and retain employment.

Please support Goodwill as they support our Veterans and CATT!!!
We also awarded Lews Products and Academy Gift Cards!
Thank you all and hope to see you in September for the Fall/Winter Trail for more details!
Big Total Total
15 Teams Fish Weight Winnings
Luke Helms – Kevin Toler  BONUS & 2nd BF 3.58 15.50 $1,480.00
Greg Sims – Bobby Harris 1st BF 4.92 13.96 $722.00
Roger Hoover 3.14 13.35 $208.00
Jeff & KJ Queen 3.33 13.24
Josh Queen – Michael Smith 3.04 12.80
Nick Miller – Brandon Brickweg 2.91 10.89
Steve Addington – Matt Stout 2.63 10.01
Keith Westrick – Bobby Williams 0.00 6.26 $500.00
Shane Sharpe – Wendell Mitchell 0.00 4.39
Jesse Moore – Jimmy Deese 0.00 0.00
Mike Ray – Orlando Giles 0.00 0.00
Gene & Joshua Hall 0.00 0.00
Dale Surrett – Lee Endicott 0.00 0.00 $300.00
Rick Poplin – Maurice Freeze 0.00 0.00
Eric & Kelli Wilder 0.00 0.00
Total Entrys $1,680.00
BONUS $ $200.00
2018 Norman Spring Final Fund $540.00
Total Paid At Ramp $3,410.00
Total Paid 2018 Spring Lake Norman $7,490.00