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We had a great weekend at Lake Anna, VA!  Handed out over $2000 in checks, and awards for the season! 

The Lake Anna Fall Final Champs are John Doyle- Taylor Mcain, 1st place BF and Side Pot!  $1,770.00 ! They also received a Lews Baitcast Reel!

Then to Wayne Dorman and Josh Hall on 2nd place and 2nd place BF.

Brian Conners – Scott Conners congratulations on your Fall Season Points Championship.

This concluded the inaugural Lake Anna CATT season.

I want to thank everyone who participated, especially to the staff at Sturgeon Creek Marina for there support, assistance and providing a great place to hold these events at.

Next year, going to bigger. We will do this in the spring, giving more area anglers a chance to join us at the 2020 CATT Championship on Kerr Lake in June of 2020. $10,000.00 1st Pace! The past 2 years 1st has taken hone $25,000.00 at the CATT Championship!

Follow the link to see our schedule, CATT information, and more on the BIG Dance next June.

10 Teams BF Weight Winnings
John Doyle – Taylor Mcain 5.23 13.09 $1,770.00
Wayne Dorman – Josh Hall 4.35 12.91 $530.00
Matt Martin – Larry Blanks 0.00 11.16
Will Vickery – Dee Kidd 0.00 10.62
Gene Hall – Jason Hall 3.59 10.43
James Graves – Travis Lugar 0.00 10.20
Mike Perkins – John James 0.00 9.51
Steve Rose – Mark Mitchell 0.00 9.41
Brian Connors – Scott Connors 0.00 6.43
Spencer Humphreys – Trey Humphreys 0.00 0.00
Total Entrys $1,080.00
BONUS $ $200.00
2019 Anna Fall Final Fund $900.00
Total Paid At Ramp $2,300.00
Total Paid 2019 Fall Anna $6,105.00