Lake Murray Opens – Entry Fee


Lake Murray Open Bass Tournaments


CATT will be hosting open bass tournaments on Lake Murray. The schedule is as follows:

Open #1March 2 $60 EntryDreher Island
Open #2March 30 $60 EntryDreher Island
Open #3April 13 $60 EntryDreher Island
Open #4May 4 $60 EntryDreher Island
Open #5June 1 Justin Harvey Fundraiser $150 Entry at Ramp OnlyDreher Island
Open #6June 15 $100 EntryDreher Island
Open #7June 22 $60 EntryDreher Island
March, April and May Entry $60 Per Team
All June Opens $100 Entry Per Team - $110 At Ramp
Optional $25 Side Pot
Optional $50 Side Pot
Side Post Pay up to 3 Places.
Paying 1 BF
You can pay at the ramp or on line!
Blast off safe Daylight Weigh in Time Determined the Morning of!
CATT Opens are open to all anglers Amateurs & Pros!