Lake Norman Division – Tournament Entry Fee


The 2024 Phantom Outdoors Classic is Dec 1-2, 2023, on Lake Norman, NC! $10,000 1st Place!


The Carolina Anglers Team Trail 2023 FALL schedule Lake Norman.

Qualifier #1September 16Pinnacle Access
Qualifier #2October 7Pinnacle Access
Qualifier #3October 14Pinnacle Access
Qualifier #4October 28Pinnacle Access
Qualifier #5November 11Pinnacle Access
Qualifier #6November 18Pinnacle Landing
Qualifier #7November 24Pinnacle Landing
Phantom Outdoor Classic
Lake Norman, NC
December 1-2 $10,00 1st Place (See Phantom Page for Info!Blythe Landing
NO MEMBERSHIP for these Fall/Winter events! - If you decide to Enter the December 1-2 Phantom Outdoors Classic the membership will be required the morning of!
** Pros are allowed to enter the CATT Norman events including the Phantom Outdoors Classic Dec 1-2 on Lake Norman**
Norman is one of 3 CATT Trails (Hartwell, Wylie & Norman) Pros are allowed to enter.
Pros are NOT ALLOWED enter the CATT Championship on Kerr**
Fishing 2 Fall Norman Events or any 2 CATT events you will be Eligible To Enter the Phantom Outdoors Classic
You can get in your 2 events by fishing any CATT Fall 2022, CATT Spring 2023, CATT Summer 2023 & CATT Fall 2023!
CBC Anglers can qualify by entering 2 - 2023 CBC events!
$30 Per PERSON Entry Fee
2 Side Pots to Pick From - Enter Both or 1 or none!
Optional $25 Side Pot - Paying up to 2 Places
Optional $50 Side Pot - Paying up to 3 Places
Paying 1 BF
Paying 1 Place for Every 7 Boats Entered up to 35 Teams
After 35 teams entered no more than 5 Place will be paid

Phantom Outdoors Classic Tournament Dec 2-3 Entry $225 - $235 At Ramp
You must be a CATT member to enter $35 membership fee.
Enter 1 or more side pots or none! Optional!
Platinum BONUS $100 (Paying 3 Places)
Gold BONUS $50 (Paying up to 3 Places)
Silver BONUS $25 (Paying up to 2 Places)
Blastoff # Determined by Order of Payment
**$10,000 1st Place with a minimum of 100 Teams entered