18 teams competed on the Roanoke River for the CATT East Final. Many teams weighed in 5 and 6 pound bass creating a very competitive weigh-in. However, no team was better then that of Will James and Jason Tripp as they convincingly won the tournament with a 20+ pound bag of bass! They took home $1950 in total winnings for their awesome day on the water.

Tommy Highs and Bobby Clark took second place honors with a great bag of fish that went for over 18lbs. Larry Thomas and Gerald Elks finished in 3rd place and Chris McDuffie and Josh Huff took home a Lews Prize Pack that consisted of a new rod and reel! Jim Britt and Dillion Britt took home the big fish prize with a beautiful 7lb bass.

Thanks for everyone who participated in this years CATT East Division.

Team Weight Big Fish Winnings
Will James Jason Tripp 20.57 $1500+ $450
Tommy Hughes Bobby Clark 18.25 $700
Larry Thomas Gerald Elks 17.58 $250
Chris McDuffie Josh Huff 16.44 LEWS ROD & REEL
Jeff Stoop Mike Henson 15.83
John Tedder Read Samples 14.29
Justin Peaden Trent Blount 13.67
Mike Layton Ray Layton 12.93
Jim Britt Dillon Britt 10.54 7.54 $170
Keith Roberts Billy Owens 10.06
James Ormond Danny Flynn 9.49
Cody Matthews Marty Matthews 6.89
Jamie Revis Dillon Richardson 4.5
Charlie Reed Kirk Wall 0
Lee Jones Anthony Jones 0
Daniel Leggett 0
RT Johnson Phillip Gibson 0
Andy Evans Scottie Edwards 0