David F. & David L. Canupp ran away with 1st place this past Saturday at Wateree with 5 bass weighing 13.20 lbs. They weighed in a rare 5.19 lb 1st BF. Add in the BONUS $ and they took home $976.00!

Brad Petway & Brett Collins took 2nd with another limit weighing 10.16 lbs and they took home $260.00!

2nd BF went to Chad Sims & Cale Helm with a 4.90 lbs bass worth $54.00!

CATT has teamed up with Terus Fishing Apparel!

The partnership between CATT and Terus, not only brings two quality companies together, it comes with the opportunity to win a massive amount of gear awarded, through the loyalty program, at every event to the top place finishers. At EVERY event throughout the 2016 Fall, 2017 Spring, and 2017 Summer Schedules, the First Place team of each event will receive from Terus Fishing Apparel a $50 Gift Card; Big Fish winner will receive a $25 Gift Card; and in addition, if the first place finishing team are members of the Loyalty Program, they will win an additional $50 Gift Card… More than $20,000 in additional payout of Terus Fishing Gear in the coming season!!
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2017 Wateree Opens Schedule


A team only has to enter 6 Opens to be eligible to enter the Wateree Open Final. November 25. A team member fishing with a sub or solo counts toward qualification.

Any team who enters 10 Wateree Opens will fish the Wateree Open Final Free – Nov 25

Qualifier Entry Fee $100 per Team

Qualifier BONUS $ $25 Optional

Open Final Entry Fee $130 per Team

Open Final BONUS Fee $50 Optional – Will Be Paid up to 3 Places at Final

Point winners fish the 2018 Wateree Open free. 2nd in Points $250 3rd in Points $150 4th in Points $100

A portion is held back and goes into the Wateree Open Final November 25.

A team can use a sub at any Wateree Open

You can fish the Wateree Open Final with your partner or a sub that was used. You cannot team up with a member of another team to fish the Wateree Open Final. 

Final Big Fish winner also receives a Lews Bait Cast Reel

Clearwater Cove Marina. Lake Wateree

(Some Opens are the same day as CATT events. A team can fish both.)

The Next Wateree Open is Oct 14th at Clearwater Cove! You will have to visit the old CATT site to see previous results.  www.catttrail.org

Team Big Fish Weight Winnings
David F. Canupp – David L. Canupp
Bonus $ & 1st BF
5.19 13.20 $976.00
Brad Petway – Brett Collins 2.47 10.16 $260.00
Thad Driggers 4.85 9.40
Chad Sims – Cale Helms    2nd BF 4.90 9.11 $54.00
Tim Haven – Craig Haven 2.65 7.80
Butch Williams – David Ethridge 3.77 7.72
Lee Royson – Jeff Reynolds 2.22 7.72
Andy Owens 2.47 6.35
Jerry Freezon – Kareem White 1.99 5.06
Jason McCoy – Buddy Hartis 0.00 0.00
Michael Peach 0.00 0.00
Jacob Norris – Jeff Norris 0.00 0.00
Scott Floyd – Greg Corvin 0.00 0.00
Steve Phillips 0.00 0.00
Stevie Walker 0.00 0.00
Shane Cantley – Michael Richardson 0.00 0.00
Kyle McElveen – Sam Hopkins 0.00 0.00
Tommy Floyd 0.00 0.00
Lee Morris – Lee Sr 0.00 0.00
Nov 25th Final Fund $1,635.00
Top 3 Point Fund $500.00
 * Team # 1 Free Entry